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Lego Party -6yr- Lego Car Race



February 2006


Shelley in Pittsburgh, PA USA

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Lego Party

My son celebrated his 6th birthday with a LEGO party.  We used a lot of the ideas from this website.  Thanks to everyone! 

For our invitations, we made a stack of  DUPLOS and attached a label on the side which read Come build a birthday party with #####  plus all the other party information.  We made large Legos out of cardboard boxes and cups to decorate the front porch along with flags in the typical Lego colors.  A sign stating LEGO PARTY HERE was near the large cardboard LEGOS.  We used balloons and party supplies in LEGO colors to decorate the birthday table and party room.  When the guests first arrived they were directed to guess how many LEGOS were in a jar.  The winner got to keep the canister of LEGOS.  While waiting for the other kids to arrive, the guests colored LEGO knight coloring sheets found on the LEGO website.   

1.  Lego drop - We cut a hole in milk jugs and gave each child 10 LEGO pieces.  The child had to put the LEGO piece up to his chin and drop it trying to get it into the milk jug.  After the boys mastered that, we had them stand up on a foot stool and do the same thing.  We then had them stand on a chair.  It got progressively harder for them to get the LEGOS into the jug. 

2.  Ring toss - I hot glued a tower of DUPLOS onto a board and made rings out of paper plates.  The boys had to toss the rings onto the towers of  DUPLOS.  Each turn they had to take a step backward to make the game more difficult. 

3.  LEGO hop race -  Each boy was put into a sack at the beginning of the race.  They jumped down to their own pile of LEGOS, got out of the sack, picked up their pile and raced back to the start.  Then, they had to build a replica of a LEGO creation that my son had made previously.  The winner had the creation built first. 

4.  LEGO on a spoon race - Boys had to race down to a bowl and put as many LEGO pieces on a spoon and walk back to the start.  Once all the LEGO pieces had been moved, the boys were required to build a tall tower with them. The winner completed the tower first. 

5.  LEGO Velcro toss - I made a felt dart board.  On the board I had different sized felt LEGOS that each had a separate score (a small minifig was worth 100 points, while a DUPLO size was worth 5).  I used ping pong balls and put Velcro dots on them so they would stick to the felt.  The boys were allowed to toss the ping pong balls 3 times and then total their score.  Winner had the highest score. 

6.  LEGO toss - I painted a large piece of cardboard with different sized LEGOs.  The boys tossed 10 LEGO pieces from a distance away.  If their LEGO piece landed on a painted LEGO, they received 1 point.  Winner had the highest total score. 

7.  LEGO scavenger hunt - The boys followed clues throughout the house to find the LEGO treasure.  At the end  of the hunt, each boy found a bag of LEGO candy.  It is sweetheart type of candy made in the shape of LEGO.  We found it at a specialized candy store. 

8.  CANDY towers - Using the candy found in the scavenger hunt, the boys were asked to build anything they wanted.  After 5 minutes, the boys reviewed their friends masterpieces, and then voted on the best one. 

9.  BUILD A CREATION - using an old LEGO board game that we had, we asked the boys to select one game board that had a figure diagram on it.  After each boy selected theirs, the game began.  The boys had to put together the figure using the diagram for directions.  This was a great game to quiet them down. 

10.  BUILD A CAR LEGO RACE - Each boy received a car building LEGO kit.  The boy was asked to build a car, using the directions provided, or their imagination.  Once the car was built, they tested it down a cardboard ramp that we had built.  We measured whose car drove the farthest.  The boys loved this and spent a bit of time redoing their cars in different ways to see if they would go farther than before.  

About -+ of the way through the party, the boys took a break and had cake and snacks.  I asked our local bakery to make a LEGO cake using cupcakes on top of a sheet cake.  They were happy to do it and it turned out great!  Once the cake was finished, we opened presents.  Each boy reached into a bag and selected a different colored LEGO.  Then my son did the same thing.  If he pulled out a red LEGO, then he opened the boy's present who selected a red LEGO.  It was an easy way to avoid anyone getting their feelings hurt. 

We still had some time left (I couldn't believe it!) in the 2 hour party, so the boys went back downstairs and played with their cars on the cardboard ramp.  That kept them busy until their parents came.  I like to have prizes for every single child when we play games.  So, the winner was allowed to select first and then the kids followed.  A store called TUESDAY MORNING always seems to have wonderful deals on LEGO items.

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