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Lego Ninjago Party -10yr- Chinese Lanterns Décor



January 2015


Kristen in Twickenham, United Kingdom

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Lego Party

My son is Ninjago crazy so after researching this site and scouring around for other ideas, this is the party we came up with!  We operate on a budget, but we found doing a lot of work ourselves we could put together a great party! 

Invitation:  We did an email invite, including a picture my 10 year old took of his Ninjago mini-figures staged in a scene over silver tissue paper.  Come for Lego Ninjago training party!  Almost all invites were emailed but for a few we didn't have email we printed them out with the photo my son had taken.

Decorations:  Spent a lot of effort on decorations as very little that we could buy pre-made.  We found ideas for a bunting made from red dessert napkins.  I folded the napkins over an inch with a string running through, then secured with glue.  Made alternating napkins with a black dragon from a hand made stencil, opposite napkins had circles with various Ninjago characters hand drawn (sons colored in) or number 10" for my sons birthday.  These were time consuming but looked amazing. 

Also made lots of Chinese lanterns from gold red and black paper.  These were hung up throughout the multi-purpose room we were using.  Also my son set out his lego Ninjago sets on the back of the area where the food would be served.  I put red tablecloths down on these tables as well. We had more of those circles from the bunting that were colored in placed along the tables where kids would be eating along with some origami shurikens.  Finally had red black gold and silver balloons hanging and some floating free along the floor.  My son made Ninjago party this way signs that we hung outside the building. 

Activities:  As guests arrived they could make a Chinese lantern an origami shurikan (Ninja star) or write their Ninja name in gold marker.  If they weren't the crafty sort we had music playing (downloaded Weekend Whip by the Fold and other music kids like  "Everything is Awesome"  "Happy"  "When can I See You Again") so they could just hang out.  Also had a foos ball table up so kids could play there if they wanted. 

Games:  My husband ran all these games for us!  A great game called "Karate-Guerrilla-Gun"  spoof on rock paper scissors.  Kids stand back to back then on count of three they face one another having made their arms to gesture Karate Guerrilla or Gun.  Karate beats Gun Gun beats Guerrilla and Guerrilla beats Karate. 

Played a game of Bombardment/Defense  Kids went outside where there was a garden area and parking lot separated by a wall.  Two teams one on either side trying to get the most plastic balls on the other side of the wall. 

Then Ninja Training Obstacle course.  Two teams relaying against each other through the obstacle course.  Ninja star practice  the kids had to throw the ninja stars they made (or ones we had pre-made) at targets. 

Also played Four Corners:  Each corner was assigned a place in Lego Ninjago--kids would go to the corner of choice if their corner was selected they were out.  Then Ninja training with cardboard tubes by getting the balloon down to other side without it touching the floor.  We also had planned a relay using chop sticks to get the Lego from one container to the other but ran out of time.

Party Snacks:  We did really healthy snacks and I had a lot of comments (from parents) that the food was great and kids gobbled it up!  We had homemade popcorn fruit hard boiled egg veg tray smoked salmon ham cheese.  We also had water bottles with Lego Ninja masks glued over the label.  For cake we had cupcakes that were iced to look like the Lego Ninjago characters.  We could offer gluten free cupcakes to our sons and other children that are gluten free.  We used gold wrappers for gluten free silver for regular. 

Favors:  Using simple sandwich bags I filled each with a flying stretch ninja a finger light and a flying dinosaur glider (close enough to dragons right?)  We tied these shut with red ribbon threaded through a piece of black card stock that had a Ninja circle (like the ones in the bunting) glued on it.  A good friend took photos and even made a video for my son to have as a memory.  A very fun party for the nearly twenty boys and girls. My son had a terrific time and we had a great time organizing it all.  My sons both helped with the details and it really allowed their creativity to come out in a new way!"

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