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Spirit & Horse Party (2&12yr) Riding & Horse Games



June 2003


Ronnette in Hersey, MI  USA


Spirit Stallion Party

I have two daughter's with birthday's one day apart so we always celebrate them together.  Since there is ten years between their ages (2 and 12) it was hard to think of an idea for both at first but when the movie Spirit came out I got this awesome idea as both girls love horses. 

I will start by buying the Spirit deluxe party pack.  My 2 year old will have her friend over while my mother plays pin the tail on the horse, and other horse themed games. 

At the same time I will be taking my 12 year old and her friends horseback riding. Each child will pay for their own hour of riding lessons. 

After the hour is up we will join the other party and eat cake and ice cream.  After we eat the girl will open their presents. 

As the party is a horse theme the guest have to be instructed in their invitations to provide gifts with that same theme.  I also gave them my daughters favorite colors so they could also find something in that color as well if they could.  

Each guest then will receive a Spirts gift bag to take home with them.  

I plan on having this party in August when the girl turn 3, and 13.

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