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Alien Theme Party -12yr- Alien Ship Needs Supplies



August 2000


Jeri & Bob in Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal

Special Mention

Alien Party

Our son was turning 12 and we wanted to have an original party.  We chose an Alien theme and purchased decorations, party favors and invites  through the internet.

Our invitations were stuffed with alien confetti. The boys arrived to find our living  room ceiling filled with glowing stars (we cut out  white poster board stars and painted them with a yellow hi-lighter and then hung them with  thread---they looked great in the blacklight!) We also used green bulbs for an eery green glow throughout the house. 

We started the party by telling the boys that an alien space craft had crash landed nearby and that the alien was stranded and in need of their help. I gave them a list of supplies needed to repair his ship and sent them out to terrorize the neighbors (scavenger hunt). Some items were: a freeze-dried alien intestine  (spaghetti noodle), meteor sample (rock), etc..

My  husband, dressed in an alien costume (also purchased on line), greeted them as they returned. The winning team all received glow-in-the-dark alien key chains.

The "losing" team got first choice  of balloons for a balloon popping race. The balloons had a slip of paper assigning the boys a number and a color. The number was their place in line for the alien head pinata (bought on-line),  and the color was the color of the face for our pin-the-eyes, mouth and ears-on-the-alien game (the boys got a big kick out of an alien needing  ears). We had drawn a huge alien head and cut out six different colors of face parts.

We then ate cake (a big green alien head made with a ten and  four inch sprinform pan---joined and shaped) topped with sparklers and drank green lemonade.  Each boy had a glow-lite stick next to his plate--big  hit! 

The rest of the evening was spent watching alien related movies: War of the Worlds, Mars Attacks, Men In Black etc..  In the morning (yes, we  were the brave parents to have six boys sleep  over), each boy received an alien goodie bag with  various glow-in-the-dark items and novelty candies (pop rocks and fizzies). We all had a great time!!

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