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Astronaut/Alien -5yr- Alien Cake



June 2001


Katie in Mongomery, Alabama. USA

Honorable Mention

Alien Party

For my son's fifth birthday we had an astronaut/alien party at our local planetarium.

Invitations were sent out with the request to join us for a fantastic space voyage.  Card stock and rubber stamps of the planets and stars were used for each unique invitation.

For decorations I set the table in purple, silver and green tablecloths that I got from the local party supply store.  Balloons of the same colors were used on the tables and were held down by toy rocket ships purchased at a discount store. 

The centerpiece was a two layer Alien cake.  I made a large sheet cake and iced it in purple frosting.  For the alien face I used a small, heart shaped pan turned upside down.  I frosted the smaller cake green and used purple gel to give the alien a set of glassy, eery looking eyes.  I then cut a party hat down to a smaller size and placed it on the alien's head. 

The real fun came when my son blew out his birthday candles.  Under the sheet cake I hid twelve little green plastic aliens attached to silver ribbon that draped onto the table.  As my son blew out the candles, each guest got to tug on a ribbon and out popped an alien from underneath the cake.  The kids loved it and my son enjoyed getting to blow the candles out all by himself. 

After cake and ice cream it was time for a private show in the theatre.  The kids not only learned a lot about the stars and planets, they had a lot of fun, too.  From the moment the kids had arrived, the manager of the planetarium had been taking their pictures on a digital camera.  At the end of the show, he projected their images on the dome of the planetarium and gave them a show that the kids won't soon forget.  By the time the cake had been devoured and the show viewed, it was time to go home. 

Each child received a cellophane bag filled with candy, bubbles, alien face stickers, rocket erasers, and glow in the dark stars with adhesive backs.  Each bag was tied with silver star garland. 

This really was an inexpensive, fun- filled party.  The kids even learned a thing or two about our solar system.

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