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Alien Party -6yr- Ceiling Umbrella Flying Saucer



May 2002


Tonya in Minden WV  USA

Honorable Mention

Alien Party

Alien Party:   For my son's sixth birthday party!

We blacked out all the windows and doors in our living room we hung black lights all around the room and cut out 150 stars from plain white paper to suspend from the ceiling with black yarn, the stars glow in the black light the yarn doesn't. 

On the walls we used liquid laundry soap to draw alien and birthday graffiti, it also glows in the black light.  In the corner was a multicolored revolving disco light. In the center of the room suspended from the ceiling fan was a large umbrella that we had cut the handle off of and spray painted silver, when the fan was turned on it would revolve in the middle of the room like a floating space ship. (don't leave running the whole time, could burn fan motor)

In the corner laid out on a table was an alien costume with a glow in the dark mask, we stuffed the body and inserted a turkey pan full of cold cooked spaghetti and prizes into its stomach covered with a green vinyl table cloth that we sliced through autopsy style and let the kids dig into the "guts" for their prizes (50 pc alien party pack and body parts sealed in goo in petri dishes from oriental trading company). 

For our craft we let the kids make alka-rockets which we blasted off in the kitchen since it was raining outside (they only go up a few feet). 

For the cake we made a mothership by baking the cake in a bowl and frosting it gray with m & m lights then we surrounded it with a fleet of cupcake "saucers" also gray with a glow in the dark alien keychain in the tops. 

For favors the kids got the keychains off the cupcakes, their alka-rockets, glow necklaces purchased for an amazing price off of ebay and all the prizes out of the alien. 

For music Toybox has an excellent song titled "E.T." sung to the tune of Yankee doodle it says E.T. is an alien, and he is kind of spacey, he's coming from the universe to party and go crazy, then it goes into a techno beat that the kids loved dancing to under the black lights with their glow sticks!! 

Ages ranged from 3 to 16 plus adults, everyone had a blast and want to know how am I ever going to top it this year, lol!!

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