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Alien Party -7yr- Moon Cake & Alien Cupcakes



January 2007


Mary in Palm Bay, FL USA


Alien Party

Space/Alien Birthday 7 year old Boy  My son, Noah, picked this theme for his 7th birthday party.  he invited his whole 1st grade class, so I had to keep it pretty inexpensive.

I made the invitations and thank you notes myself on the computer using bright green paper and clip art.  I used phrases like Please join us for an Out of this World Party" Times were listed in "Liftoff and touchdown."  Also included "RSVP to the Mothership and It will be a blast!"  We had the party outdoors at a local park. 

Decorations included- silver star balloons and lime green balloons silver star garland and aliens in flying saucers (so easy to make--take 2 disposable pie tins.  Poke a small hole on one and string fishing line through it to hang.  Glue the pans together with a glue gun. 

Then we made alien guys out of paper and glued them into Slurpee lids (from 7-11).  Finally we hot glued the Slurpee lids to the top pan keeping the fishing line through the hole of the lid.  This sounds complicated but is actually really easy!) The flying saucers looked really cool flying around on the windy day we had our party!  When the guests arrived they made their own flying saucers.  I bought the interlocking disposable plates (Glad or ziploc brand?? From WalMart).  The kids locked 2 plates together then colored their plates and added stickers.  Then they flew them like frisbees.  They had a lot of fun playing with them. 

Next I hid Easter eggs with Starburst candies covered with foil ("Moon Rocks") all over. I split the kids into two teams of astronauts.  They had a relay race to go find a moon rock and bring it back to their "spaceship."  Then the next astronaut went out.  Afterwards each kid kept a moon rock and we put the rest in a bowl for latecomers. 

We ate pizza and the kids played other games like "Pin the tail on the comet" (black foam board with a comet drawn on it orange red and yellow crepe paper were the tails) and "Throw the alien planet in the black hole" (same kind of board with hole cut out and decorated.  Planet was one of those neon squishy balls that have the "hairs" coming out all over--WalMart)  

Then it was time for cake--I made a moon cake (very easy--box cake with vanilla icing with oreo cookies smashed up and mixed in.  I made the surface bumpy and with craters.  I used a Pyrex bowl for the moon shape.)  I decorated the cake with astronaut men and a shuttle from one of those "Toob" sets and a toothpick-and-clip art American flag.  I also made cupcakes with bright green frosting.  I made alien faces on them with piped frosting and candies (sour straws cut up in green for antennae).  They were really cute and were a big hit.

Goody Bags: paper lunch bags decorated with space themed stickers.  Inside- sling shot rockets from Oriental Trading alien rocket kit from OT stickers Gushers fruit snacks a little neon bouncy ball NASA stickers Starburst and Milky Way candies. 

At the end of the party the kids took turns with a rocketship pinata (OT) filled with starbursts and other candies.  Everyone had a great time!  This party was a lot of fun and didn't overwhelm a full-time teacher/mom with three kids all age 7 and under!  Good luck with your party! "

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