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Alien Party -8yr- Alien Bingo



May 2009


Lauren in Staten Island, NY USA

Honorable Mention

Alien Party

We had a Alien party for my son's 8th birthday. In all, we had about 20 kids. 

INVITATIONS: I couldn't find any invitations to go with the theme, so we made our own.  I bought green card stock paper at Staples and using an egg cookie cutter, I traced an egg shape on the paper.  Turning it upside down, it looked like an alien head.  My son and I drew eyes, nose and mouth to complete the alien head.  THe inside said, Join us for Out of This World Fun!" Followed by the info.

DECORATIONS: WE decorated using black green and blue balloons.  Again we couldn't find alien party supplies so we used black plates and cups.  The table cloth was a black plastic one from the dollar store which my son and daughter decorated with star stickers.

ACTIVITIES and GAMES: When the kids got here I had space scenes for them to decorate.  I got them from Oriental Trading: they were foam sheets with foam stickers of space ships planets stars etc.  They loved them and because they were stickers no glue or mess!!

After that we played Alien Bingo.  Instead of B-I-N-G-O the card said A-L-I-E-N.  I made them using the same green card stock as the invitations.  The middle space had an alien head which was the free space.  They LOVED It and we played about 6 times!! The prizes were glow sticks and Floam. 

Then it was time for pizza. After that we played Moon Rock Relay.  I had collected rocks that I spray painted metallic silver.  I told the kids they were moon rocks (which some really believed and wanted to know how I got them told them they fell from the sky and a scientist tested them to determine they were from the moon!)  We split them into two teams.  Each team was given a pile with  2 rocks per child and a large spoon (from dollar store).  They were told they could not pick them up with their hands so they had to scoop them up run to a bucket across the yard dump them in and race back.  The first team to get all their rocks in won.  We played 2 times and it worked out so each team won once.  The prize was an alien paddle ball ordered from Rhode Island Novelty.  We had the pinata next had trouble finding one so it was a rocketship.  It was filled not just with candy but with little mini aliens!

Next time for CAKE: I made two just to make sure we had enough. One was an alien head green with black eyes nose and mouth.  I used melting chocolate for the face.  It was made in a 10 inch round pan and trimmed to alien head shape. The other cake was a ufo.  Again a 10 inch pan was used and also a oven safe bowl.  The rounded cake was placed on top and the whole thing frosted in gray frosting.  I used spree candies around it to look like lights. Two mini aliens stood next to it.

FAVORS: In addition to the paddles given out after the relay race and pinata candy each child got a goody bag.  Inside were glow in the dark plastic planets and stars to stick on the ceiling a glow in the dark alien bouncing ball and pop rocks (all ordered from Rhode Island Novelty).  The party was supposed to last from 1 to 3 o'clock but at 3 everyone was having so much fun they stayed!!!

The party went till about 5!!!  Parents were taking their kids home as they said "please a little longer!!" so I would say it was a success!!!"

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