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Army Recruitment Party -10yr- Camo Cupcakes



October 2012


Samantha in Christchurch, New Zealand

Honorable Mention

Army Boot Camp Party

THEME: My son decided early on that he wanted an Army party. We sat down and worked out what he wanted. This involved cut outs of people for Target practice and a real tank. Some of these ideas were a bit impractical in an Earthquake ravaged city so we had to compromise a lot. 

INVITATIONS: Each child received an Induction letter informing Private.(name of child" was required to turn up to Fort.(our surnmae) for Induction into the Combined Forces of (birthday childs name). With a time which I wrote in 24 and 12hrs. They were to report to "Officer (parent in this case my name)" I found a shield which was empty in the middle which I wrote in 10. I put this in the top left corner of the letter and at the bottom found a clip art of an Eagle. I did this on the computer for each child. The names were done in a font that looked like an old fashioned typewriter underlined so it looked like it had been typed on separately. I then had them printed out. 

DECORATIONS: the netting on our trampoline had got damaged so I spraypainted it with some green and hung this around the lounge to look like camouflage netting.  I used some on one wall then hung two flags One was our official flag the other in our case was a white kiwi on a black background (but you could just do two the same) and had these draping down. I then used these for the backdrop to the photos. 

COSTUMES: As each child arrived they received a folder. Inside was a letter of induction a dog tag with their name (made from black Shrinky paper) and some information from the internet about tanks etc.  Each child also received a camouflage flak jacket (thanks to my Mum). On the jackets were the NZ flag and a miliary badge. I found some camouflage plates tableclothes and cups. 

FOOD: For the food we had camouflage cupcakes. I made the mixture then split it into 3 lots. One lot I added green food colour the second I added cocoa and the third I left plain. I put 1 spoon of each mixture into green muffin cups and cooked them. They had green jellybeans jet planes and warbombs (a sour lolly) along with pizza chips and biscuits. The cake was a tank. My son got his army set and finished off the tank by adding guns and men to it and around the table. 

ACTIVITES: I was able to get some cardboard cutouts of people which they used for target practice. Then we had an obstacle course. I got some tires from the nearby tire shop using more of the trampoline netting to crawl under. Then they grabbed the guns and headed off to the park behind our place and had a gun fight. 

FAVOURS: For the containers to hold the party favours I got some soda bottles (coca cola were the best). I cut off the top and cut it in half. Then paper mached over the bottle to strengthen it and to make the top curved. Then I got a plastic sheet which I glued inside one of the halves. This then slotted into the other half to form a cylinder. I painted the whole thing dark green on the outside and black inside. Added a picture on the outside and when the two halves were put together it looked like a bomb. Inside these were tattoos balls grenades camouflage socks parachute men and a pack of lollies. Each person also got a gun each (just a noise one). I also made medals. I just got some cheap charms and brooch backs off the internet. I then hot glued some ribbon to the brooch backs. Added a jump ring and attached the charms. These were definitely a hit. Each child got one for the obstacle course one for the shooting one for induction and one for completing the "course". I got some dog tags off the internet which had a helicopter on one side and Captain then a number which was actually the birthdate run together to look like a serial number. Then they all got a certificate to say they had "passed" the "course" and were now inducted into the forces. 

THANK YOU CARDS: I found some keyrings that looked camouflage. Each child recieved an ID with a head shot of them and a thank you for coming. They also recieved another badge a photo of them in front of the flags and finally the keyring I attached one of the photos of them."

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