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Army Theme -5yr- National Anthem



Nov 2003


Shelly in Long Beach, CA   USA

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Army Boot Camp Party

ARMY theme: Invites given to each Kindergarten classmates (20), mailed to friends and family.  Invites were made on a 8 1/2 x 11 paper included a strip of ARMY stickers across the top and bottom with a sticker of a jeep in the center making motion Invite said YOU HAVE BEEN RECRUITED TO "" 5TH BIRTHDAY PARTY, PREPARE FOR TROUP TRAINING, PRIZE FOR BEST CAMOFLAUGE OUTFIT, REPORT AT CAMP HAMAGISHI 13:00 - 15:00, REFRESHMENTS WILL BE SERVED with a RSVP to RECRUITING OFFICER @ TELEPNONE #.  The use of the street was planned to be used.  Made arrangements with city for a street closure ($25).  Front of our house, we set-up two long tables to welcome the New Recruits, sign-in, gave a name tag to guests (failed to give myself and parents name tag, do recommend it). Divided up invited guests (children) as they chose a color of stars that was the UNIT they were part of as each Unit RED, GREEN, GOLD, SILVER and BLUE were on a rotation to participate in each station set-up.  A list of the activities were given to each guest as they checked-in. 

As we waited for guests to check-in at the Front Yard "WELCOME TO CAMP HAMAGISHI" sign next to the Camp TENT set-up, children were able to play in the tent or enjoy food and beverage at the next door neighbors driveway MESSHALL in the neighbors driveway, we set-up 4 large 8 person tables/chairs with a long 8' table with a variety of cuisine for all taste buds from a buffet of PBJ sandwich squares to Sushi (more than plenty and everything was gone) and two ice chests full of a variety of 2L bottle drinks juices and sodas.  I believe less waste with large bottles vs. cans or juice boxes. One sip and return to playing.  Went to the local pie shop and they let me borrow pie tins for authentic Army dishes.  Returned next day.  Themed ARMY napkins, balloons, confetti etc. 

Once everyone arrived/checked-in our welcome ceremony began.  I gathered all of the new recruits to the check-in area, a girlfriend stood by and sang the National Anthem next to the American Flag as it hung from the house.  The children were very well poised and sang along and no chit chat was heard among them.  We then gathered in the street for "Drill Sargent Says..".  Children lined up and had lots of fun.  Narrowed down to 2 recruits and gave the remaining two a prize for surviving the drill.  We then divided up into "Color Star Units" and went to the various stations. 

Station 1 included "BOTTLE ROCKET RESEARCH" in the middle of the street, an old style tire pump (air compresser could be used), a ball needle, a cork to fit not to tight in the opening of the bottle, water.  Children fill bottle half full with water, insert needle into cork, insert cork into bottle, attach needle to pump and pump the air into the bottle rocket and watch the rocket soar into the air.  It was a hot day, kids loved getting wet. 

Station 2 included "OBSTACLE COURSE" - sign made, I used the front lawn of the neighbor across the street.  Four tires, a crawl through tunnel, two large trash cans/lids taped on, a balance beam 2" off ground, a barbwire (twine)crawl under.  Kids liked it. 

Station 3 included "TATTOOS" - sign made, every Army recruit needs a tattoo.. Everyone was able to pick from flowers to comics.  Set up in drive way of Obstacle course.. While waiting their turn they could get a tattoo. 

Station 4 included "TARGET PRACTICE" - sign made, just behind the check in table at our house, A rubber band shooter was made from 2 wooden chopsticks and rubberbands.  Kids were able to shoot wooden blocks as the target and then able to take the rubberband shooter home with them.  Made enough for each participant. 

Station 5 included "TREASURE HUNT" - used a Metal Detector and searched for hidden treasure (Japanese 5 yen coins, unique have a hole in center).  Kids took the treasure they found and took it the EXCHANGE where they were able to trade for a toy.   Once everyone completed the stations we gathered on the lawn near the Messhall for storytime.  GI JOE Undersea Adventure.   

We then crossed the street to where the Tattoo table was and had GI JOE DIVER Cup Cakes (frosting was blue as the ocean) choice of vanilla or chocolate cup cakes and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  We then moved back across the street to where the check in table was and started with the PINATA dragon.  Gave brown lunch sacks to each child with their name written on it.  Didn't feel it was necessary to give themed bags. Kids happy with candy.  Then had closing ceremony.  Called each Troup Training individual up front, gave salute, congratulations certificate for completing Troup Training (also included as a THANK YOU for attending "..5th Birthday Party" and also a goodie bag…a Camoflauged zipper bag from the $1 shop, camo notepad, camo pencil and a camo cup.  Kids were happy with it.   It was a easy planned party.  Good luck to all future Army Party Planners.  Have fun.

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