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Soldier Party -5yr- Parachute Army Men



February 2005


Jess in Carpentersville, IL

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Army Boot Camp Party

Our 5 year old son decided on a soldier b-day party this year.  He is fascinated by soldiers from the fatigues they wear to the equipment they use, and the vehicles they drive.  I looked on this site for ideas and created his party.  This is what we did:  Invites:  ATTENùTION!!!  All recruits are ordered to report to Basic Training at the Secret (our last name) Military Base.  Private (child's name) these are YOUR BASIC TRAINING ORDERS:  Draft notice for: A TOP SECRET MILITARY MISSION: (Birthday ChildÆs) 5TH BIRTHDAY PARTY   Location: SECRET (Our Last Name) MILITARY BASE   Date:   Time: 1400 hours - 1630 hours  (2-4:30 pm civilian time)     Privates: Please report for basic training wearing your camouflage (or green & tan). We requested that all "weapons" be left at home.  Gear will be issued and food rations will be served (i.e. cake and ice cream).  CONFIRM YOUR ORDERS at ________, use the "password" (Happy Birthday) to ensure that the enemy cannot call in reference to the party.  You will also be issued classified directions at that time.   I WANT YOU TO COME TO MY PARTY! (The invites were printed on vellum using Army and Adler fonts ( and fastened to dark green card stock with pewter or gold eyelets)- They were a huge hit! 

Decorations: Balloons and streamers, signs reading Danger: Explosives Keep Out for rooms off limits to the kids and Latrine on the bathroom door, American Flags, picture of Uncle Sam, Front door reads ô__________ Military Baseö  Arrival: Registration:  When the kids came, they need to check-in at the table and receive their gear (helmets, binoculars (both Oriental Trading) and gear bag- I made these using camoflage fabric and hemp rope) 

Activities (we explain why it's important for soldiers to each activity):

\*\*\* "P.T." They have to do jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, run in place, and Army crawl because soldiers have to be strong in order to do their job (They earn their dog tags (keychain from Oriental Trading)- attach to gear bag so we know whose bag is whose.)Each key chain read Pvt. ________.

\*\*\* Man hunt- the soldiers were out on a mission and got lost!  We need your help to find them). Hide enough Army men ($1 store) for each to have 3 green and 3 tan) plastic army men in the house and see if they can rescue 6 men (3 green and 3 tan each). They keep the menùadd to the gear bag

\*\*\* Rescue the Soldier (a soldier- the birthday boy and another child he selected- was injured during the rescue) 2 teams, each team is given a tarp (blanket) and 2 rolls of toilet paper. They have to place the wounded soldier on the "stretcher" (tarp) and wrap both whole rolls of toilet paper around their injured soldier (may help to have the soldiers stand). Everyone gets a roll of LifeSavers for their gear bag because they helped Save a Life.

\*\*\* Then the soldiers were marched up to the second floor where the parachute drop was to take place (we have a two-story foyer).  The soldiers were each given a plastic Army man with a parachute attached and attempted to drop the paratrooper on the submarine target below  (Everyone gets an airplane (because Paratroopers jump out of airplanes)to go in their gear bag).

\*\*\* The next activity has the soldiers test their marksmanship.  We had an airplane on a piece of cardboard for the kids to throw bean bags at.    Everyone gets an army vehicle (tell them that Soldiers have several different types of vehicles they use to do their job).

\*\*\* pop the grenade - a balloon with a small candy inside -Watch the kids sit on the balloons to pop them! They get the candy inside and 2 more so everyone has a red, white/silver, and blue one (Hershey's Nuggets or kisses).

 \*\*\* "Guess What's in the Duffel Bag."  (we told them that the soldiers need more then just the gear that they carry in the gear bags, they need other supplies, things we use everyday, too).  Have things that might be in a soldier's bag like sunglasses, gloves, dog tags, socks, a pair of boots, a belt, etc.  Have each boy put his hand in and, without looking, guess what he is holding.  He then pulls it out to see if he was correct. If he was, the item goes in the center of the group.  If not, it goes back in the bag. Keep taking turns until all the items are out of the bag (give them 4 gold star stickers). 

PHOTO OP:  Take them prisoner and had them line up against the wall for a picture with their hands in the air.  If we need to fill the time: Sergeant says (Simon says) 

Cake-  Tank (Homemade using a 9X13 cake and a oval corning wear dish for the top.  Green colored frosting, green chocolate covered pretzel rod for the gun, and green chocolate covered oreos for the wheels, and fruit by the foot for the treads, add extra army soldiers around the take and "ground" - use granola for a nice ground look)  Present Opening:  For present time, have each guests sit holding the gift they brought on their lap. Pick someone to sit on the couch beside the birthday boy while he opened it.  (kids loved this, they felt so special to sit next to the b-day boy! Of course, the b-day boy was so excited he didnÆt sit very still!) 

PHOTO OP:  Take a photo with the guest after the birthday boy opened the gift.  Dismissal:  The final event is saluting and dismissing the soldier as his parents pick him up and handing them their "Certificate of Completion of Basic Trainingö - it stated all the training games we played and had a star by it for a job well done- and American Flag on a stand.     Thank you:   Use the picture of the child sitting with the b-day boy holding the opened gift (mount on green paper)and mount that on tan paper with a little thank you on the back of each picture:   Dear Private,  I would like to THANK YOU for successfully completing your  TOP SECRET MILITARY MISSION: ___________ÆS 5TH BIRTHDAY PARTY!   During my R & R (Rest and Relaxation) I have  had lots of time to play with my  ____________________________________________________________________.     I am so happy you came to my party and I really love all my gifts.   I had a great time and I hope you did, too.  Your Friend,  Private _________________  We also added the picture of the group POW picture taken.   Thanks to everyone that submits ideas on this site.  It helped make this a party to remember!  All the kids had a great time. We even did the party again for the family the following weekend with enthusiastic results!  The games went over really well and they loved the cake!  How will we ever top this next year???

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