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Autumn Party - Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin



June 2009


Bridget in Elizabethton,TN USA


Autumn Harvest Party

Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin Party

Our twin’s birthday is Oct. 12 so we decided to have a fall themed party. 

INVITATION: I found inexpensive cardstock with purple, green and orange squiggle’s all over it. Oriental Trading Co. had plain invitations with candy corn on the front with the same colors. I cut the candy corn picture side off and glued to the cardstock. On the reverse side I glued the time, date, etc.. I also found Charlie Brown Halloween stickers and placed on the back of the invite. It read The Great Pumpkin would like to invite you I tied a ribbon on the front and it was ready to be mailed.  

DECORATIONS: We had the party outside at a farm. We didn't need a lot of décor, except balloons and candy corn tablecloths, because the farm had large hay bales to sit on, a pumpkin patch, tractors, corn fields, etc. This was the perfect backdrop for this theme. As everyone arrived we took pictures of each family sitting on the hay and pumpkins.   

COSTUMES: One of my boys wore a yellow Charlie Brown t-shirt with black pants. The other one wore a striped shirt with pants and I sewed a small blue piece of fabric to the shirt for Linus. This was very simple and everyone knew who they were.

We had the party around 2:00 so we served snacks and cake.

CAKE: I had purchased several Charlie Brown and friends Halloween figurines. I used these on a large cake board. My sister made a bunch of small edible pumpkins that we also placed all over the cake board. The cake was several pumpkin cheese rolls stacked on top of each other to look like hay bales.

I also purchased a doll size wooden fence and glued this around the entire cake board and piped green frosting in several places for grass. It looked like all the characters were waiting for The Great Pumpkin to arrive. I made brownies and attached a pumpkin shaped sign that read Charlie’s Brown-ies. We also served chips and canned drinks.  

FAVORS: At each table setting I placed brown lunch bags. Each bag I rolled down the edges and filled with small rocks. A note inside was a quote from Charlie Brown, All I got was a rock.  If you remember the movie Charlie didn't get anything but rocks but my guest’s received Halloween themed Chinese take-out boxes filled with candy and a homemade caramel apple.  

ACTIVITIES: After the boys opened presents each guest was given tickets to take a hay ride go to the pumpkin patch go through a corn maze and see the animals. With all the money saved from not really having to buy décor we were able to give out these tickets.

This was a great party with lots of inexpensive activities.

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