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Backwards Party -7yr- Goose, Goose, Duck!



April 2009


Kimberly in Aliso Viejo, CA, USA


Backwards Party

We found lots of great backwards birthday party ideas on this site and combined the best of the best to create a super fun backwards birthday party that my 7-year-old son and his friends absolutely loved. 

DECORATIONS Banners: Birthday, Happy! Balloons hanging from the ceiling. Turn happy birthday balloons inside out. 

GAMES (we only had time to play three of these)

1. Guess how many in each jar. Loser wins! (I filled 3 jars with candy and had the kids guess how many were in each)

2. Vote on who looks the most backwards. The kids loved this!

3. 10 things that don't belong (the kids wrote on paper what was wrong in the room) I had a huge fan running (we were in a pizza place), Christmas stockings were hung, an umbrella was in the middle of the room open, dishwasing soap was on top of the big wide-screen TV, etc.

4. Goose, Goose, Duck

5. Puppy dance instead of chicken dance.

6. Pin the Donkey on the Tail.

7. Musical chairs: nobody gets eliminated  they all sit on the remaining chairs as they are taken. Or when music starts they sit.

8. Says Simon  OUR AGENDA

1. Greet with Goodbye! Hope to see you again soon!

 2. Hang up your shoes, put your coat nicely by the door (on the floor).

3. Guess how many in the jars.

4. Photo of everyone from the back (turning to see camera).

5. Vote on who looks the most backwards (give prize).

6. Open gifts (we're going to wrap things up now): Birthday boy says, you're welcome.

 7. Put the trash in my purse (the kids loved putting their trash in my oversized beach bag).

 8. Play 10 Things Wrong in room (give prizes).

9. Sit on floor for lunch (dessert).

10. Sing You to Birthday Happy

11. Announce losers from Guess How Many.

12. Play Goose, Goose, Duck and do the Puppy Dance.

13. Have dessert (pizza).

14. Photo of each guest with birthday boy (from behind) for thank you cards

15. Pass out party favors: birthday boy says Happy Birthday! to each child.

 16. End with hello! Great to see you!

FOOD IDEAS We put cupcakes upside down for the kids, but here are other ideas: Cake upside down or cupcakes in ice cream cones flipped Eat under the table Trash in the washing machine Serve pizza in a bowl with a spoon. 7Up as 7Down: poke hole in bottom with straw. 

OUTFIT IDEAS Boy: hat backwards, glasses on back of head, all clothes backwards Girl: pigtails straight up in the air. Blue cheeks. Hair up. Dress shirt backwards.  The adults and the kids will love this. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

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