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Backwards Party 10yr



July 2012


Lauren in NJ

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Backwards Party

For my 10th birthday I had a backwards birthday. Even if I were turning 12 (which I am now) I would still have this party. People are still talking about it now and it's been almost 2 years!

INVITATIONS- For the invitations I used Microsoft Word and wrote down, Thank you for coming to -place name here-'s Backwards birthday!" I put thank you because it was supposed to be backwards. Then I reversed it so that it was backwards. I put everything else on the invitation (RSVP address, time, place, etc.) then reversed that also. Then on the bottom of the page in small letters I put "Put in mirror to read" or something along that. I didn't reverse that obviously.

DECORATIONS- I hung up upside down balloons everywhere and had streamers taped to the ground instead of the ceiling. We put up a sign that said "Happy Birthday -place name here-" backwards. This part is weird but we still did it we put up signs in front of the bathroom that said Restrooms backwards. Not that necassary, but we still did it.

ACTIVITIES- The first activity we did was pin the donkey on the tail. We enlarged a picture of a tail then printed out pictures of donkeys. We cut their tails off which made it pin the donkey on the tail. Then we had a backwards relay race. We had to run backwards skip backwards gallop backwards etc. Then we played pass the present. This game is backwards beacause first of all all of the guests were opening presents instead of the b-day girl and second of all because I wrapped the present over 20 times. Never wrap it exactly 20 times make it a random number like 23. This game is kind of like hot potato or musical chairs. Everyone sat in a circle and I handed the present to someone. (I wrapped up a set of ear buds that looked like candy and some real candy. Best prize ever.) I played the music and everyone started passing the present around. As the present got to you you unwrapped a layer of the wrapping paper. I stopped the music every once in a while to see how far the present was unwrappped but you don't have to. Who ever unwrapped the last layer and revealed the present got to keep it. Then we had food then cake then did the pinata. For the pinata we got one of those ones with the stickers you could put on it and we spelt out Happy Birthday backwards.After all of that when the party kind of died down we had a best backward contest (see costumes). We had a first place and a runner-up for whoever dressed the most backward. I forget what the prizes were but be as creative as you want!

COSTUMES- I asked everyone on the invitation sorry I didn't put this under the invitation section to wear something backwards. Wear their shirt backwards or inside-out wear your shorts inside out whatever. I wore a skirt insite out and my shirt inside out not anything over the top. But my friends went over the top. Some of them wore makeup on their feet (a.k.a the runner-up did) one of them wore their pajamas (a.k.a the winner) and my sister wore socks on her head! Tell everyone to be as creative as they want. I also gave everyone a name tag with their names spelt backward on it.

PARTY SNACKS- For snacks we put gatorade into ice trays and froze it so that we had gatorade ice cubes. They were all different colors so it was all fun. When you put the ice cubes in water or left them in a cup to melt they became gatorade. We also had soda water juice etc. for the people who didn't like gatorade. We also had chips pretzels Chex Mix ( my personal fave) and a bunch of other snacks around the house.

CAKE- For the cake my mom and I made a normal cake and frosted it with chocolate and vanilla icing. Them we put every single type of candy sprinkes ANYTHING on top of it. We also put like 20 candles on but only lit 11 one for good luck. FAVORS- For the favors I gave everyone a lot of candy in a party bag cause I know that with my friends you could never go wrong with candy. But I put the thank you note inside it too. But this time it said "You are invited to -place name here-'s Backwards Birthday. Hope you enjoy it! We will be glad if you come!" And we reversed it and wrote the same thing on the bottom.  This was probably my favorite party I've ever had. I've had a bunch of other creative parties like this so my friends all know me as the Party Queen."

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