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Backyardigan Soccer -3yr- Soccer Jersey Favors



September 2008


Brennon in Danville, IL USA


Backyardigans Party

My son really loves the Backyardigans and playing soccer. So, for his 3rd birthday, I am planning a Backyardigan and Soccer theme party. I know it seems a bit much, but I thought and think I can pull it off. 

Invitations: I made Ticket Invitations with card stock in MS Publisher. Printed two per page, not to waste paper. ;)  Admit One The Backyardigans present: Johnathan's 3rd Birthday party!! Come Kick It with us!  These are the size of marketing rack cards. I intended to get them professionally printed, but thought, ok, he's only turning three, I can't wait for all that. Plus, it'll only take one ink cartridge to print them up.  The invitations are turquoise-blue with the Backyardigans on there. I then ordered some sticker sheets with the Backyardigans playing soccer so I could add soccer balls to the invitation and on the outside of the envelope (Total Cost $3). The fit in reg. envelopes! 

Party Favors: I am not into giving candy, so I decided to find soccer jerseys that the kids can wear during the party instead of loot bags. After asking around, an organization was very generous in giving me some extras that they had they were BRAND NEW!. After seeing the color of them, I made the invitations match the jerseys!! These will make for great party pictures (No Cost). 

Cake/Cupcake: A co-worker/friend of mine recently started a cupcake business, so she is making the cupcakes. We have chosen two options. Either, cupcakes each frosted in black or white to look like a soccer ball when placed together or fun color frosted cupcakes with Backyardigan Cupcake Ring Toppers. (Total Cost Approx. $25) 

Decorations & Tableware: I have found many photos of the Backyardiagns. I am also good with Publisher and some other software. So, I made a variety of different size posters with different sayings like, Happy 3rd Birthday Johnathan!  Let's Play Soccer Backyardiagn Style! Etc (No Cost) I will purchase balloons, tableware, and some other decorations (Total Cost Approx $20) 

Food: Little Ceasars or Dominoes $5 pizzas, Chips, and Juice. (Total Cost Approx. $25).   Music: There is a soccer music CD out through Oriental Trading for about $13. This is an option. There is also a Backyardigan CD out for about $13. This is also an option. Or, I may just make my own cd for FREE!  

Games: My son plays soccer. He's been playing for two years on a Tiny Tot Team. LOL So, As his gift I am getting him a goal set. It has two goals and a soccer ball for $30 online. The kids can play soccer during the party. After wards, I have printed some Backyardigan Olympian Medals that I will add ribbon to and present each child with after they have played they do at the Olympics!! 

I have also made coloring sheets that say, Happy Birthday Johnathan on them with Pablo playing soccer. Hardware stores and paint stores give individual wrapped crayons out in the paint section. I did this last year and will do it again this year! The kids can then take their crayon and color sheet home.  Pin the Bow on Pablo is just like Pin the Tale on the Donkey. It cost about $3 for the game. 

I have thought about a pinata, but, I'm not so sure b/c I don't want to fill it with candy!! I have also thought about adding in a costume character to play soccer with the kids and take pictures with. Each of these will run about $50. I may choose one.  One room is $50 and two put together is $75. Just depends.   Total Cost Approx. $100-$200 Depending on room size and IF I actually get a character or pinata.  Memories PRICELESS! I only have one and there is only one birthday per year!!

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