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Nutcracker Ballet - Ballet Production



April 2004


Eleanor and Sophie in Atherton, CA USA


Ballerina's Ballet Party

Nutcracker Ballet Movie Party Any Age  I'm having a nutcracker ballet movie party. I invited people in my class and their siblings.

The total of people was about 14 or 15. I had to give people multiple parts. Most people got at least 5, except I got 1 because I was Clara and Clara is in every scene.

We were making the scenes out of things we had at home like the Christmas tree in the Nutcracker is our Christmas tree. And we used a chair for the clock. To be able to make all of it, you should start planning at least six months earlier. Because if you wait too long, you might not have enough time to do all the scenery and everything.

For the invitations, we're making nutcracker shapes out of white paper and we're decorating it with smaller nutcrackers and ballet shoes. Some people will be bringing some of their costume because we can't buy everything for everybody. Our idea for the snowflake queen was to have her having a pink or white leotard, a white tutu and a white crown.

Our idea for Arabian coffee is to have a tiara with some scarf hanging down from it and have the person have a Jasmine costume on if they can get it and if not, then just wear sweats and a sweatshirt that are colored and they would have scarves that they would dance with.

The party probably have to be at least four hours because we need to have enough time to rehearse some of the dancing except some people would just make up their own dance because it's not that important for some characters. And we also have to have enough time to have refreshments.

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