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Ballet Sleepover -5yr- Pink Tutus for the Girls



June 2001


Michelle in Charlottesville, Va. USA

Honorable Mention

Ballerina's Ballet Party

For my daughters 5th birthday we had a ballet sleepover party. 

First we sent out invitation and asked each girl to wear a leotard and tights.  My mother-in-law made pink tutus for each girl which were on little satin hangers.  When they arrived we had classical music playing.  They put on their tutus and danced around the living room, which had been cleared out. 

In one corner I hung a white sheet with streamers and a cluster of pink balloons which served as a background for the pictures we took.  We took the film to a one hour developer.  We had the girls decorate frames that were made out of tongue depressors hot glued together into a square. 

We played freeze dance to the Nutcracker.  We had taco's for dinner(my daughter's favorite. We did cake and ice cream. 

The cake was a wedding style trimmed in pink with ballerinas on the top. Then we played some more games and opened presents.  We shipped the boys to some friends for the night and before the party started, transformed their room into a tea party.  I pushed together two little tykes tables and covered them with a table cloth set out miniature cookies and crackers and my daughter served each girl their tea (hot chocolate). 

We lit the room with a small lamp and two big plates full of tea lights.  The girls were just loving it! Then we put on our PJs brushed teeth and put in Shirley Temple in Hiedi and off they went to dream land!!  In the morning we had donuts for breakfast and packed up. 

Each girl took home their tutu their finished picture in a frame with a magnet to hang on the fridge and some great memories.  I think every girl at some time in the party told me or Casey that this was the best party they had ever been to.   The key is planning ahead.  Good Luck

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