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Baseball Party -2yr- Ball Cap Party Favors



February 2002


Susan in Bethlehem, PA USA

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Baseball Party

Baseball Party Theme for 2 year old.  My two year old loves baseball already!  So we had a baseball party. 

The invitations were actually baseball cards.  The front had his picture that we took of him in a baseball uniform.  The picture was underneath a pennant that said "All Star" and had his name.  The back was the invitation.  It said "It's a Baseball Birthday Party!"  Then in the stats section we had Age:  Date: Time:  Stadium: (our house) Coaches: (parent names) Tickets: (RSVP info).  Then it said "Help this little slugger celebrate his second birthday in true baseball style.  You can expect hot dogs, p-nuts, popcorn and all your baseball favorites!  Don't forget to wear your baseball hat!"  I got the invitation idea from birth announcements I saw in the form of a baseball card.  They turned out great. 

The house was decorated in red/white/blue with baseball hats all over for decoration.  The centerpiece was a basket filled with boxes of cracker jacks.  To eat we had hotdogs, hot pretzels, popcorn (I got free popcorn boxes from a local popcorn stand and popped my own to fill the boxes they actually were part of the d├ęcor as well).  It was a nice day outside, so we all went out and played wiffle ball.  We also had a p-nut scramble. 

For favors I got caps at the dollar store and stuffed them with tissue paper to make them stiff like baskets.  Then I filled them baseball cards, big league chewing gum, baseball stickers, and a pennant and wrapped them in cellophane paper. 

For thank you cards I made great ball/glove cards and wrote "your gift was a hit with me" on the inside. Everyone loved the party ... kids and adults.  The invitation was a great favor for the adults, because they always love having pictures of the kids to hang on the refrigerator!

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