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Red Sox Party - Fenway Franks



May 2011


Angie in Plant City, FL   USA

Honorable Mention

Baseball Party

My 2 son's birthdays are 2 weeks apart, so I do 1 big party. This yr was no exception with a Red Sox baseball theme.

For invitations, I created both my sons picture in a baseball and used a 3D effect. Every invitation was sent with the Red/Blue Cyan glasses.

Decorations: centerpieces were a bucket of shelled peanuts. I put a B" sticker on the bucket and then I had took a photo of the Red Sox symbol and put my sons pic in the middle and glued it to scalloped 5x7 cardstock then glued that to a dowell and stuck that in the bucket of peanuts along with 2 Red Sox pennants(mini) on each side. I was originally thinking of bobble heads but instead settled on cubees. I had designed each of my sons faces as a cubee as a RedSox player. I put one on each side of the bucket of peanuts. I also made chocolate dipped pretzel Rods and but a flag label that read hey batter batter. One of these were at every place setting. I had Red Sox ballons with red and blur mylars all around. I made a concessions banner out of pennants and placed above the food.

The food was again baseball themed and complete with Fenway franks which were wrapped in a foil sleeve. The condiments I put in the mini Red Sox helmets. I had bagged Chips Big papi brownies slider cookies and cotton candy. I set up a candy buffet with all kinds of candy from M&Ms boston baked beans baby ruths sunflower seeds(also in mini redsox helmet)cracker jacks gummy bears twizzlers snickers ring pops tootsie pops and much more. I wrapped different sized boxes in Red Sox paper and used that to give different height.

At the entry I made a green monster sign from a green posterboard and it said Green Monster Seats with an arrow pointing to where the table & chairs were. For games I had hand clappers that were a tube for Sand art for the kids and also had face painting. I rented the big hampster balls also for the kids and they were a big hit. At the goody bag station I made a 3D photo station with a basket of the red/blue cyan glasses and hung all the pics on a clothesline effect. The pics were of my sons as Red Sox players and in action of like catching a ball or sliding into a base and this made a cool effect with the 3D glasses.

Goody bags were a whistle cracker jacks baseball bead tattoos more candy baseball marshmallow pop. I glued a round cutout that read thanks for making our party a hit to a clothespin and used that to closed the goody bags. I did cupcakes instead of cake and made them to look like snowcones and put the cupcakes in the snowcone cup with a straw. I took a box and cut round circles in it then wrapped it in the Red Sox paper and put the snow cones in there. They looked awesome! I used bright colors just like if you were getting a snowcone! I hope I am not leaving anything out lol.

I had a blast planning it and everyone said it was a great party and everything was so detailed."

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