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Baseball Party -1yr- Baseball Card Invitation



January 2009


holly in Tulsa ,OKlahoma USA

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Baseball Party

INVITATIONS: for my sons 1st birthday a friend made trading cards for his invitations. They were modeled after a 1959 baseball card. On the front they had a pic of my son playing with a baseball toy he had gotten for Christmas and said his name at the top. At the bottom it said youre invited to ___first birthday. On the back we put his number (1) for his 1st birthday. We put his stats(HT WT pitching hand ect..) then at the bottom was the party info. My friend is a graphic designer. But you can easily make them yourself using sites like or

DECORATIONS: over the front door I hung a sign I made out of posterboard and paint that said "admission on the top line and on the 2nd line Gate J"(first letter of my sons' name) in red and blue. Upon entering our house I made (with my husbands help) a turnable entrance using a painted 2x4 plywood a lazy susan turned sideways and swim noodles. For decorations I started by making baseball magazine covers with my sons' picture on them ( I also made pennants using some felt cut diagonally paint and flat wooden baseballs I found at a local craft store. They said stuff like ___is number 1 MVP..ect.i also hung blue and red streamer put up blue and red balloons and some baseball cutouts I found at a local party store. We hung pennant banners over all of the doorways (dollar tree) and some other baseball decorations I found there. The food table and cake were a part of the décor also. But I will explain that in the food section. 

GAMES: I found a baseball set at target on clearence for $4.98(really inexpensive) it had the plates a homerun banner and the bats and ball. Since we had older children at the party they organized a game of backyard baseball. I also had the children make their own "jerseys" using white tshirts paint and sponges.

PARTY FOOD: hanging from the doorway going into the kitcken I made a sign the said "concessions" (posterboard and paint in red and blue) in the kitchen I set up a table with hot dogs using a hot dog machine(mainly just for décor. It wasn’t large enough to actually cook on.) we also had nachos giant pickles chips and various dips. The two baseball themed dips were the the pizza dip(sooo yummmy) served with frech bread and the baseball dip. Which was a cream cheese dip made into a ball and lined with red peppers(or you could use tomatoes depending on your dip recipe) made to resemble a baseball. In a burlap sack at the end if the table we put peanuts(still in the shell of course) cracker jacks and popcorn were served in plastic popcorn tubs I found at the dollar store. For drinks we served pop and juice for the kids. 

CAKE: for the cake my wonderful friend Amber made a baseball cake. The main cake was made to look like a baseball field with a baseball made out of cake in the pitchers mound. My sons personal cake was a chocolate cake made to look like a baseball. 

FAVORS: for party favors I found plastic popcorn boxes at the dollar store. I filled them with boxes of cracker jacks baseball tatoos small plastic trophies bags of shelled peanuts and their own pennents that said their name and #1 (for my sons 1st birthday) decorated with stars and hot glued onto a dowel rod cut in half. 

THANK YOU CARDS: for thank you cards i am making baseball cards again. that will have a picture of my son eating his cake holding up 1 little finger to show he is one. and the front underneath the picture will say "thank you" and on the back it will say "your gift was a hit!!!" thanks for making ___birthday so special!"

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