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Basketball Party -10yr- Girl's Tournament



February 2007


JAne in San Diego,CAlifornia


Basketball Party

For my daughter's 10th birthday party we had a basketball tournament party.

From the online sports store I bought jerseys with everybodies name on it.[Example Smith,82] We had rented 7 basketball hoops from the sports store.We invited 14 of Kendra's friends and they played a one on one game.The winner would go up and the loser would go down.

The championship was the most intense party.  They had to score 24 points to win.  When Alexsendria won the tournament she got a HUGE basketball trophy.  So no one would feel bad I bought participant trophies also at 

From orientaltrading I bought 1st through 14th place ribbons.Very Inexpensive.Their Tablescape was very basketbakk like.  Orange and white tablecloth.  They had jersey plates, orange and white silverware andorande cups. 

We made a Slam Dunk punch with Orange Soda, Orange Juice and Ginger Ale.It was delicious!  We ordered Basketball cake. 

There favor was the jersey, trophy, ribbon and a mini basketball.  5 of her friends slept over and they watched Like Mike.  For breakfast they had Basketball pancakes and then they went  home. 

All of the parties I choose are inexpensive.

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