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Bear in the Big Blue House - Blue Cardboard House



January 2001


Teresa in Brandon, MS


Bear in a Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House Birthday party 

Use Bear plates, cups, napkins, party hats, blow-outs, blue balloons, blue spoons and forks.

Get a Bear coloring book and copy a page or two.  Make  copies.  You can provide crayons and let them color at the party or create a small coloring book with about 3 different sheets for each child held together in a report binder.

For food, serve Bear cake and vanilla ice cream with Gummy Bears on top.

Fill a quart - sized jar with Gummy Bears.  Provide slips of paper for each person to guess how many bears are in the jar.  Provide a prize, like a Beanie Baby bear or a small Bear.

Create a Big Blue House from a refrigerator box painted blue.  Cut a door  and windows.  Trim in white paint.   The kids could just play in the big blue house.

Play the game "Where, oh, where is Shadow?"   Print all the character's pictures off the Internet or a coloring book.  Hide all the characters and let the kids find them. Whoever finds Shadow gets a prize.

Create a black mail box from a shoe box.  In advance prepare letters to all the kids from Bear.  Sing  "What's in the mail today, what's in the mail today?"  Let everyone get their letter to take home.

Turn on the Bear CD (on sale at the Disney store) and let all the kids dance the CHA CHA CHA.

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