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Bear in the Big Blue House -2yr- Bear Copy Invite



July 2001


Joanna in Fresno, CA  USA

Honorable Mention

Bear in a Big Blue House

Bear In the Big Blue House/ 2 yr. -  For my daughter's 2nd birthday this year the theme is Bear in the Big Blue House. 

I started by buying a coloring book of "Bear".  I cut out a page and scanned it into my computer.  I then entered in the birthday invitation inside of "Bear's" belly. (If you don't have a  scanner you can type out your invitation and then cut and paste the information inside of his belly.) 

Her invitation read as follows:  "We would like to welcome you.. Emily is Turing TWO!  Where:  Emily's Big Blue House"  I then printed them out onto blue paper.  I used blue envelopes and decorated the outside of it with "Bear" stickers.  Our return address labels where beehives. 

I bought "Bear" plates, and napkins. Then just used blue cups, forks, and table clothes.  I used blue and yellow balloons to decorate my house. I used her "Bear" stuffed animal with balloons tied to him as the center piece for the food table. I used some of the "Bear" napkins to line food baskets. 

Food:  We had hot dogs, burgers, and salads etc.  The mom's of my daughter's friends offered to bring one dish and it helped a lot. For the kids I made Jell-O jigglers in a bear shape (with a bear cookie cutter), and for children snack mix I used two different flavors of teddy grams and  honey combs cereal.  We had a blue and yellow cake with a "Bear" toy on it with a blue number 2 candle, ice cream with gummie bears, and sugar cookies cut out in a bear shape.

Games:  In a clear plastic sweater box I filled it with bubble solution and placed many large wands. We had a mini swimming pool and a sprinkler going since my daughter has a summer birthday. We played the Bear in the Big Blue House CD during the party (bought at Target). The kids love doing the Cha Cha Cha!  It also has a birthday song to play when you cut the cake.

Favors:  A "Bear" goodie bag filled with blue and bear things.  For example, a blue bracelet, blue bubble containers decorated with Bear in the Big Blue House stickers, a "Bear" toothbrush (.99 cents at MacFruglas), snack size ziploc bag with gummi bears, blue lollipop, and a "Bear" horn. We finished the party playing the "Good-bye song" from the "Bear" CD. I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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