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Twilight New Moon Party -12yr- Books Cake



February 2010


Kaye in Littlestown, Pa United States

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Book Reading Party

My daughter is a big Twilight fan, so for her 12th birthday that is the theme she picked.

I decided to make my own invitations. I bought plain black cards and on the front glued a pic of Edward beside vampire fangs and a pic of Jacob beside a werewolf and put Is his bark (beside Jacob pic)really worse than his bite (next to Edward pic)? I got the pics off the internet and print shop. Then on the inside I put "You are invited on the TWILIGHT of Feb.2st to celebrate Kitana's 12th Birthday. We will party till we are BREAKING DAWN this party will ECLIPSE all others. Please respond back by the NEW MOON." I then put all the details. I used a fancy font.    

I also made my own cake. Since my daughter was into reading the books I made the cake look like the books. I had three sm. cakes placed on top of each other and iced in black with white icing around their middles- to look like pages in the book. I then dragged a fork around the white to make the pages look more real. I then took a sheet cake and put beside the other cakes to look like an open book. I wrote "Happy 12th Birthday Kitana!"

On the sides of the small books I put the names of the three books (New Moon Eclipse Breaking Dawn)(assuming the open book was Twilight). I put an apple flower chess board(printed off the computer) two chess pcs and a red ribbon all over and around the cake. It really looked cute!    

My daughter is a bigger fan of Jacob but I wanted to incorporate the vampire theme so we did Team Edward vs Team Jacob decorations. I made two posters one all about werewolves and Jacob pics and sayings (paw prints tear marks Jacob's werewolf mark etc.) the other Edward and vampires (smiley face w/fangs "Vampire's rule and Werewolves drool" sign "Being a Vampire really bites" sign etc). I hung each poster on the wall beside a table (the party was at a skating rink so we were just basically eating and opening presents in the party room).

One table had red and black tablecloth and the other brown and black tablecloth. I found scrapbook paper that was black with white filigree and put a sheet of it in the middle of the table. I placed a black fancy frame ($ store) on the paper. The frame either said Team Jacob or Team Edward. I then put fake red rose petals around the frame and down the tables. I found cake plates (I've seen them all over) with just a pic of Edward on one and Jacob on the other.

I put all the Jacob cake plates on the Team Jacob table and vice versa. I found little stuffed teddy bears dressed as a vampire and werewolves (Oriental trading) and put them on the coordinating tables. I also had vampire fangs bags of candy blood gummy fangs eclipse gum vampire novelties and some black wire trees that I placed around. I also took the pic off the cover of the Twilight book and replaced the apple with a cupcake and wrote "Happy Birthday Kitana" in a font similar to the one on the book (printshop).

I also made a sign to look like the state of Washington license plate with the word Forks in the middle and put it beside the silverware. I also had a mini notebook for each girl with "Forks High School" written on them. The goody bags were filled with all the stuff I had on the tables plus lip gloss a ring and Twilight stickers.    

Since we were at the skating rink food was simple; pizza chips veggies and dip. I printed out labels that had "type A+ blood" and other things like that ( and wrapped them around red Gatorade bottles. The kids loved drinking "blood". I also had a candy bar my daughter LOVES candy. I took plastic bottles of soda cleaned then and cut off the tops. I cut them different sizes homemade candy dishes. I glued quotes from the books on the dishes.

We later read them and tried to guess who said what. I filled the dishes with only red or black candy (Twizzlers licorice jelly beans and gummy bears). I also used the fancy scrapbook paper as placemats. I liked the white filigree on black paper- it reminded me of the books. I also placed the books around.    

The girls loved picking a team. I also found various Edward and Jacob themed valentine's candy and added that. I did not really do anything with Bella as my daughter just wanted the teams theme. I had bought my daughter a shirt that read "I love werewolves" to wear to the party. We had a great time there are so many different ways to do this theme but doing the Edward vs Jacob theme is so easy. "

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