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Geronimo Stilton Party -9yr- Hieroglyphic Bingo



April 2010


Tracy in McKinney, Texas, USA

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Book Reading Party

My son wanted to have a Geronimo Stilton birthday party.  We chose his favorite book The Curse of the Cheese Pyramid and used that as our theme.

 The main character of the book series, Geronimo Stilton, runs a newspaper called the Rodent's Gazette so we used this for our invitations.  I created a newspaper format and made the front page read Our ace reporter, Jared, is being sent on special assignment to Egypt for his 9th birthday.  Come and join him on this journey. Our flight leaves at 1:00 p.m. It gave the details of when and where and RSVP to the newspaper staff (my husband and I). 

Then below we had some mouse/cheese jokes, an article about the cheese pyramid so they would know a little about what to expect, and a picture of Geronimo with his signature.  It was printed in color and looked so cool.  We set up the garage as the airport/airplane.  ½ of the garage was the airline where the kids came up got their faces painted as a mouse, got their passport from my husband who wrote their name inside and drew a star for their stamp.  Then they moved down to my 4-yr old daughter who handed them their tickets which assigned their plane seat. On the other side of the garage was the airplane.  Lawn chairs in front (this was first class) then wooded chairs (second class) then just wooden stools (class Z as described in the book.   

Our daughter also served as the flight attendant who handed out glow bracelets. Once everyone had their tickets, we boarded the plane and started the book on CD.  We shut the garage doors and took off while the CD played describing the airline, the plane and the flight for about 4 minutes.  We flickered the lights on and off (activating the glow bracelets) and gently tapped the garage door to sound like a thunder-storm. Finally, they landed.  The kids loved it!  Then onto Egypt! 

The decorations inside were simple.  I purchased an 8 ft palm tree and hung it from the ceiling fan in the middle of the room.  Another inflatable palm tree was in another location.  We constructed a cheese pyramid out of yellow and orange construction paper and placed it on the TV.  We mummified a 9ft inflatable pirate with toilet paper and put him as the focal point.  Yellow and blue balloons and streamers all around rounded out the house. 

The first game was pass the stinky cheese ball which was like hot potato. Using a large plastic easter egg, the kids passed it around the circle and if it cracked open you got the stinky cheese and were out. 

The second game was hieroglyphic bingo.  I printed some sheets on the Egyptian alphabet from the internet and used those as bingo cards.  It took a few minutes but all the kids got BINGO at one time because I did not change up the cards so this was pretty funny and there were no hurt feelings because someone lost. 

The third game was snake spoon relay.  They had to walk across the yard with a plastic snake hanging off of the end of a plastic spoon past the monster my husband who grabbed and tickled each one. 

The fourth game was freeze dance to Walk like an Egyptian. 

But the favorite was the mummy wrap game.  Four teams of three wrapped someone with toilet paper and had to use the whole roll to win.  This was hilarious and we played this more than once so others could be the mummy.  

Snack time consisted of 3 kinds of cheese (of course), cheese puffs, mini cupcakes and strawberries with cream on them.  I put the strawberries upside down on the plate so they looked like little pyramids. 

The cake was the simplest cake I have ever made.  My son loves cream puffs so he wanted those instead of cake this year.  I used the spray can frosting and chocolate covered cream puffs and constructed a chocolate pyramid complete with cookie sand, a palm tree decoration and the coolest 3-D puzzle of a sphinx.  I brushed a little edible gold dust on the pyramid and the puzzle for effect and shimmer. 

Presents were done in pyramid style my son was the top of the pyramid facing the others.  The first child in the first row got his gift and opened it with my son then my son gave them their goodie bag and thanked them.  They went to the back and everyone shuffled up.  It was fun and made it more special to the gift giver and my son. 

The goodie bags contained either a little plastic snake or bug, marshmallow ropes, chocolate coins, and either crayons or play dough.

We rounded out the party with some free time outside.  It was a great day!!

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