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Bratz Party -8yr- Runway Fashion Show



Nov 2003


Linda in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada

Honorable Mention

Bratz Party

For my daughter's 8th year birthday party I wanted to do something different to try and make it fun for the girls invited as well as for my daughter to feel that the girls were genuinely having fun.  We decided to go with the BRATZ theme since she is 8 years old and developing a unique individual personality that can sometimes be compared to the BRATZ carizma.

They started off with making jewelery as the girls started to show up.  I used my daughters CD player and we played several of her CDs like "Now 7" and "Big Fun Party Mix 4" throughout the party to keep things exciting and alive.  I got the necklace bead kit from the local Buck or Two store. 

Once they made the jewelery the girls glamoured themselves up with make up using a childs make up kit, then they put glitter nailpolish on and I got some nail art to put on the nails if they chose to.  The girls took off their socks and did their toes too. 

Once the girls were all fashioned out we sat around in a circle and played Truth or Dare.  We use questions like "If you could date anyone in the school, who would it be"? or "Have you ever tooted in class before"?  Some of the dares that the girls had to do were "stand up, sing and dance like your favorite singer" or " kiss a teddy bear as if it were your crush".  The girls enjoyed the Truth or Dare game so much that we ended up giving the girls individually each a chance to answer all the truth and all the dare questions. 

Once the game was done we opened the gifts then had lunch.  The girls ate chicken nuggets and french fries since my daughter has a wheat and milk sensitivity we were limited to what she could eat and this lunch was perfect.  I made a cake in the shape of a funky flower and used bright floresent icing. 

After lunch and with the girls still full of make up, jewelery and nailpolish we finalized the party with a fashion show.  I picked up a long strip of cardboard from my work and covered it in some material and used this for a runway for the girls to strut their stuff on.  The fashion show walk was rated with cue cards with numbers from 1 to 10 and the rating was based on their attituded and body language instead of what they were wearing since we were limited to what the girls could dress up into.  The girls had a great time performing down the runway and each girl wanted to try and out do their last walk. 

As the girls were ready to leave after the party they each got a loot bag which consisted of a BRATZ sheet of stickers, small bottle of blow bubbles, feather pen in fashionable colours and a pair of hand clappers, candy and chocolate and a BRATZ balloon. 

The next day some of the girls parents were telling me that their daughters were going on and on about how much fun they had at the party.  My daughter was very happy and she had a great time too.  My son is turning 10 next month and he wants to do a Fear Factor theme, see you then.

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