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Fashionable Bratz -11yr- Friendship Frames



September 2010


Lillan in Gainesville,Florida,United States

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Bratz Party

My daughter just turned 11 and she loves Bratz and has since she was 5!She had this party two weeks ago,and it is still a main topic her friends talk about!

INVITATIONS:We took a blank white card from the store and glued a photo of my daughter with her collection of over 100 Bratz dolls on the front while writing with a sparkly purple crayon,It's a BRATZ PARTY!".On the inside we wroteCome to a party of funky fun with Sari and the Bratz girls!It as at (home) at (time and date)!Please RSVP to (phone number and email).Sari,Jade,Sasha,Cloe and Yasmin would love to have you there! and on the back I had Sarimy daughterdraw Jade with pencil and crayon because she's an excellent artist!These saved lots of moneyand were fun to make!

COSTUME:Sari said that the Bratz have a huge 'passion for fashion' and I hear that's like their sloganso I got my daughter into a hotpink leotard with a hotpink tutuher hair in pigtailsplastic jewerly of all sortsand some lipgloss and mascara on the day of the party.She also wore silver flats.

CAKE:The cake was shaped like a lipstick tube and the lipstick peeking out was iced red and the tube was iced silver.It was fairly largebut enough for the 20 girls we invitedbecause only 14 came.We made a chocolate cake and the icing was colored buttercream.

PARTY SNACKS:My three other daughters(913 and 17) went out and bought a light pink glass platter and put mini picklesbaby carrotsshoe shaped sugar cookiesyellow cupcakes with rainbow sprinklescelery and chips and dip on it.It was a huge platterbut cheap.Forgot where they bought it...

DECORATIONS: Outside-Outside we lined bunches of green and silver balloons by the sidewalk and draped pink streamer around the door.My daughter has a Bratz pool playsetso we set it up outside and placed three dolls in bikinis and sunglasses in it filled with water because it was a hot day.There was a poster of the entire Bratz gang on the door. Inside-Every here and there was yellowpurple and green streamersclear balloonspink Bratz Kidz Cloe balloonsand Bratz photos.A photo of my daughter in the middle of the table on a solid blue tablecloth.Bratz platescups and napkins there.Yellow cutlery.Bratz Magic Pixies music in the backroundalso with the Rock Angels CD by it to change it.Little stations set up for makeovers.One nailsone hairone makeup and a huge dressup trunk.Glitter allover the TV.

ACTIVITIES:Once everybody got therewhile the girls waited for others they did a Bratz puzzle or colored Bratz coloring pages printed from Googleand Crayola laid out.Next..  Sasha Imporsonator-fter everyone camea very pretty girl at age 19 pretended to be Sasha and she gave the girls fashion advice.Of course they knew it was just a random girl that was prettybut it was still fun for them. 

Friendship Frames-I got a flashy frame maker and each girl got two to decorate and take home.

Makeovers-We then did the girls nailshair and makeup and had them dress their funkiest and most fashionable in this HUGE HUGE dressup trunk full of clothes to the very top to dress with.My daughter ended up changing then with dressup clothes.

Fashion Show-After the makeoversthe girls put on a fashion show and me and my other daughters used blow up microphones to judge. The girls just then had some social time about 20 minutes.

GAMES: Pin The Blouse on Yasmin-We had a poster of Yasmin and we taped it up after cutting out her blouse and making some copies with the copy machine.Each girl got one try and the winner got a sheet of Bratz stickers. Storytime-I had my three daughters write a story about the Bratz getting trapped in the mall and they took turns reading it.Each time the word fashion was said the first person to yell it got a plastic ring.Everyone got oneand 4 got 2 because it had fashion in it A LOT. Dance and Sing-Everyone got to dance and sing along to the two Bratz CDs next.They had bunches of fun! Other-We then ate dinner and dessert.Dinner was pizza and along with cake was strawberry ice cream.They then opened presentsand Sari mainly got Bratz dolls!Even a Bratz R Bak doll from meas you know Barbie almost put them out of business.Then we had 15 minute social time. Shopping Bag Fun-Each girl got a fully decorated bag and they had to guess what was inside.If they got it rightthey got what was inside.If they didn't they got nail polish.

FAVORS:Favors were last.We had Thank You cards which were the sameexcept Cloe was drawn and it said Thanks and something else inside.Along with pictures from the partyhair tieslipgloss and lipsticknail polish and nail filesBratz stickersheadbandsnecklacesa tutucandya Bratz blowoutrandom makeup and they got to take home their dressup clothes from the makeover. This party was a huge hit!So have fun!"

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