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Bratz Party -6yr- Bratz Freeze Dance



Oct 2003


Irlanda in San Clemente, CA, USA

Honorable Mention

Bratz Party

For my daughter's 6th Birthday she wanted a Bratz theme. I had a hard time finding Bratz-related items I liked so I got a little creative.

For the invitations, I bought bulk card stock at Wal-Mart for under 6.00 and greeting card size envelopes in white for under 5.00. I downloaded a Bratz group image and used it for the backdrop on the invitations and tinted the picture down to 20% for a faded look. I purchased a packet of Vellum for 5.00 and printed the party information directly on the vellum. The top of the invitation read "Party with the Bratz". I then topped the invitations with bows. For the finishing touch, I broke out my craft box and super-glued rhinestones in a random fashion on the top of the vellum. I got a lot of compliments from parents - some of the girls wanted to keep the invitations and hang them in their room.  

I also went to Kinko’s and had them blow up a few Bratz images that I had downloaded from the web (Chloe, Yasmine, Sasha, and Jade, and a group photo).  Used the picture of Chloe for a game. Out of the five images I had made at Kinko’s, I used four for decoration. I colored them in and hung them around outside. I then used my Print Shop program and printed out a bunch of lips and cut them out. I used this for the girls to play "Pin the Lips on the Brat Doll" with the remaining poster size image from Kinko’s.

We also played freeze dance and the girls went on a glamour jewel hunt in the backyard where my husband and I hid a bunch of rhinestone rings and beaded necklaces all around the yard. I purchased these items from Oriental Trading.

We also had a pinata. I could not find a Bratz pinata so I bought a large purple star and took one of the Bratz paper plates I had and stapled it to the center of the Pinata.   Other than the hand-colored images, we kept the decorations pretty simple, I purchased the Bratz plates and bought coordinating color napkins. I bought bright purple plastic table covers and filled the house with balloons and confetti on the tables.  

I had to save on the cake, so I picked one up from Costco and ordered it with a few flowers for 14.99. I then went to Ralph’s, again with my downloaded Bratz image, and ordered an edible photo image. This only cost 7.00. I placed the photo image on the top of the cake and took one of my daughter's Mini Bratz and placed that on top of the cake as well. The whole entire cake served 48 people for under 23.00.

We cooked a standard picnic lunch - hot dogs and burgers for both kids and adults. However, to add a little elegance, the girls were served fruit punch in plastic champagne flutes. These were probably the priciest, but I decorated the bottoms with curling ribbon and put their names on each glass. This was a huge hit. 

At the end of the party the girls were given their goody bags which were filled with lip gloss, friendship bracelets, girl power tattoos, nail polish, candy and body glitter. Each bag was topped with curled ribbon and, again, downloaded Bratz images that were hold punched and tied to the bags with each individual girl's name written on it.  

During the entire party, we took pictures of our daughter with her friends. We then printed the images on card stock to make personalized thank you cards. My daughter had a great time and we saved money considering the number of people who attended the party.

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