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Bratz Party -8yr- Make-Over Spa Activity



March 2004


Carmen in Gillsville GA  USA

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Bratz Party

8 YR. OLD BRATZ FASHION PARTY:  For my daughter's 8th birthday, we'll focusing on FUN and FASHION with a BRATZ party in the backyard.  We've done a lot of planning:  

INVITATIONS:  We're making these ourselves, with inexpensive card stock, printed with all of the important details and Bratz girls downloaded from the web.  To "dress them up", we're trimming the edges in marabou fur, purchased as a play feather boa from Walmart for less than a dollar and glue-on sequins from the discount store.   

DECORATING:  Remember, where Bratz are concerned, the flashier the better!  We'll have lots of balloons, glitter and gems.  For balloon weights, I picked up some ceramic purses at the dollar store, which work great and keep with the fashion theme.  We'll be decorating several areas in the backyard for the festivities. 

For the make-over/spa section, we'll put up the portable sun canopy, draped in inexpensive tulle from the fabric store and a balloon arch that I learned how to make quite cheaply on the intenet.  The girls will be pampered with a "facial" - cucumber slices to put on their eyes for puffiness (as if they have to worry about that at their age!) and some mild mosturizing lotions for sensative skin.  I've also purchased some indivdual make-up samples from a friend who is a cosmetics representative to keep down the spread of germs.  The girls will be able to "make-over" each other or themselves. 

After the Valentine's Day holiday, I was able to pick up table skirts at a local party store printed with red, pink and purple lips (the Bratz are famous for their lips) to decorate the make-over station tables.  From there, the girls will move to the "dress-up" station.  I've purchased lots of old prom dresses from a local thrift shop for $3 each and had them cleaned. I've also cleaned out my own closet (and my friends) for hats, scarves, old high heels, etc. We're making "dressing rooms" from a PVC pipe frame and panels sewed simply from glittery fabric (just hem the sides, sew a rod pocket into the top, and slide onto the PVC frame).  

We're also making a simple runway from plywood, a foil metallic curtain from the party store and rope lights (from Christmas) for the girls to show off their new fashion creations.  Each girl will be allowed to walk the runway while one of the adults acts as MC ("Doesn't Jane look stunning in her vintage taffeta dress, lovely leopard hat and matching pumps?").   

GAMES:  We are planning on two games.  One will be the Fashion Emergency Game.   The girls will be divided into two teams.  Each team will receive a bag containing identical items:  a yard of fabric, some crepe paper streamers, lace, pins, etc.  The girls will have 15 minutes to design an outfit for their designated model.  The adults in attendance will act as judges to decide which team has created the most original, function ensemble from the items in their bag. 

The second game will be a memory game.  We've filled a purse with items that all Bratz girls might need:  an old cell phone, lipgloss, feather pen, an old PDA, etc.  The girls will each have 15 seconds to root through the purse.  After each girl has had a chance to look, they will make a list from memory of the items in the bag.  The one who gets the most, wins.   

FOOD:  To make the girls feel glamorous, we'll be serving sparkling cider in plastic champage flutes.  We'll have the usual party fare (hot dogs, chips, etc), with the addition of chocolate dipped strawberries, etc.  The cake will be made from a Wilton pan in the shape of lips.  Bratz party plates, etc. from the local party store complete the look. 

LOOT BAGS:  To make things a little fancier, we're making loot bags from a remnant of red panne velvet from the fabric store.  One yard of fabric yields 12 drawstring party "purses".  We'll trim the tops of the bags with more marabou fur.  The purses contain sparkling lip gloss, body glitter, fancy hair barrettes, a bracelet and homemade soap in the shape of lips, as well as mini chocolate bars with labels made on the computer to personalize them. 

After the party, we'll send Thank You cards complete with before and after pictures of each of the girls.   By shopping clearance items and making lots of the items ourselves, we'll be able to pull this party off for around 100.00!  What a great party at a great price.

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