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Bratz Party - Angel Hair Wreath Craft



January 2009


Sandy in Los Angeles,California,USA

Honorable Mention

Bratz Party

My daughter mandy wanted a bratz party for her birthday.So planning began in advance.We bought alot of things months ago.

Invitations:I cut out stars from light blue cardstock and decorated the edges using bright blue gel pen and glued in front of dark pink cardstock and wrote the information.I put lots of confettis in theme colours inside the envelopes.

Dress-up:Mandy loves Jade from bratz and she is nicknamed cool kat so mandy wore a sleeveless pink dress which had a picture of a kat that said bratz kat and made a cat ears headband and a tiara and a bratz cat costume is done.

Decorations:The party's main colours are hot pink,pale pink,dark blue,light blue,aquamarine and mauve.There were lots of balloons and star shaped balloons in theme colours.I covered the table with light blue table cover and sprinkled pale pink heart confettis.I kept all the favours in a pink large basket.We hung a bratz birthday banner.We also hung a star wire garland.

We hung dangling stars from our ceiling.We had a bratz centerpiece on our table.I bought lil' bratz star shaped cake plates and napkins,bratz kids cups,bratz fashion angel dinner plates and theme coloured cutleries.I bought wooden stars and painted them light blue and wrote each girl's name on it and glued theme coloured curl ribbon at the back of it. for the plavesettings.I hung bratz posters.

Arrival:When the girls arrived they had their nails painted.they got to chose frm three colours and each colour has an art on it-hot pink with light blue stars,dark blue with pale pink hearts.aquamarine with mauve flowers.Then each girl got to chose a bratz lipstick(which they could keep).

Activity one:Jade's Kat:Each girl can adopt a 2 inch cat(80 cents each)which can be put in a necklace and a bracelet.I had other charms included to put in a jelly bracelet.Game one:Sasha's Bunny ring toss:I had put a 3 foot bunny on a marked place and had the girl had to toss a ring in the bunny's ears.The prizes for this game was a tiny bunny keyring.

Craft one:Cloe's angel hair wreath:The girls had to make a garland hair piece from star wire garland.

Game two:pin the crown on yasmin.It is the newer version of pin the tail on the donkey game.The prize for this game was a crown.

Craft three:decorate a picture frame:The girls had to decorate a magnet picture frame with lips.hearts and star foam stickers in lots of colours.

Food:We served lip,star and heart shaped sugar cookies,jello,marmallows,star shaped gummy candies and hershey kisses.

Cake:I made a sheet cake with a picture of jade and for each girl I made another cake and with a star shaped cookie cutter I made a star shaped cake and iced it with theme colours.

Favours:I gave each girl a a basket which was dark blue with a pink flower filled with-bratz bubble wand.bratz charm bracelet,a book containing bratz stickers and tatoos,a bratz kids blowout,celphone lipgloss,flower and star shaped nail file,body jewels,lip shaped post it notes,lip sucker,some colour pencils,some colouring pages that I printed from the computer,a brush and mirror,their crafts,prizes and their lipstick.We had TONS of fun this year!!!!!!!

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