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Casino Party -12yr- Dress-up Casino



March 2006


Olivia in Severna Park, MD


Casino Party

Casino Birthday-12 yr Old For my 12th birthday I'm going to have a casino party.

When guests arrive, have them go to a room that is designated for hair-styling. Have a friend do everyone's hair and makeup. Then, have everyone put on fancy dresses.

Have a room designated as the Casino. If you want to, rent a hall, but you can just use your own house. 

Decorate the room before the guests arrive- maybe cover the walls with black paper. Have black, red and white balloons and streamers. Have a diso ball and play music.

Have a table set aside for poker, a roulette wheel (cheaply bought at a toy store), play bingo, a kareoke station, etc.Also, have a bar where you can serve sparkling cider in plastic champange glasses. Let everyone try to win as many tickets as they can for 30 minutes.

Then have a dance competition. Have different dances- like the salsa and the tango. Play fifties music, and new musice. Then give everyone 30 more minutes for the casino.

Have a prize table with things like CD's you can make from itunes, hair ribbons, gift cards, candy, etc. End the day by playing hide-and-go-seek outdoors and talking. In the morning have a breakfast buffet.


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