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Pizza Party -7yr- Cheesy Pizza Details



November 2007


Alice in Kingwood, tx.  USA

Honorable Mention

Cooking Party

I had a Make your own pizza party for my girls and it turned out really fun and cute. 

The invitation said any way you slice it _ is turning 7.  Here are the "cheesy" details."  For the location they started with a pizza activity book that I made.  I found lots of cute pizza printable on (I paid a onetime fee of $7.99) and I also went to and made a word search with all of the girl’s names and different pizza toppings.  They really thought that was fun and it kept them very entertained while we waited for everyone to arrive. 

Then they got started decorating their aprons.  I found them at Hobby Lobby for 50% off so I paid $1.50 each for them.  I used fabric glue and put a few different red checked ribbons to embellish them and also used a cute stencil to pencil their names.  I also had a sheet with ideas to draw on their apron such as funky flowers hearts cupcakes etc.  I had bought several packs of fabric markers using coupons from my local craft stores. 

I had also bought fabric paints but decided not to use them after my daughter used them to paint the letters on her name.  The paint was so thick and wet that there was no way it would be dry in time to wear when she was making her pizza.  So my tip would be just to let them use fabric markers only.  At that time they also decorated their paper chef hats that my mom had made.  She used white poster board strips and white tissue paper and they turned out so cute. 

At that point I would bring a few girls into the dining room at a time where I had the pizza toppings set up.  I used black fabric with red checked fabric puddled around all of the serving bowls.  I had red/white/black balloons on the table.  I made little red/white labels to set up in front of the toppings. To make the pizzas I had bought Boboli’s and English muffins for them to use and had them in a basket at the start of the line.  I had them make their pizzas on the cheap white paper plates that I had sitting in a whicker paper plate holder. 

For the sauce I put it in clear squirt bottles (like ketchup bottles) that I found for .79 cents. Then I found cheap pastry brushes for them to spread it with.  I found this to be less messy than a spoon to scoop it out with.  Then they put cheese, pepperoni, Canadian bacon, black olives, mushrooms and pineapple which no one touched the last two ingredients. I had it all set up in white red and glass bowls so it looked really cute.  Then they brought their pizza to the kitchen where I had adults to do the rest. 

I bought a 2 pack of disposable cookie sheets at the dollar store that we transferred the pizzas on and used a sharpie on the sheet to label the pizzas because they all started to look the same. This also made clean up really easy.  Then we baked them a few at a time.  I do have double ovens which helped.  When they were done I had big cutting boards out where we put them to slice them and then transferred them to the cuter red plates that they ate on.  Again we used a sharpie to write their name on the edge of the plate while we waited for the others to all cook and we served them at the same time. (They finished their packet added more color to their apron or had their nails painted while we waited for everyone's pizza to cook.) When the pizzas were served I also gave them a fruit and cheese kabob and Chex mix.  They really seemed to enjoy their pizzas and felt very proud that they had made them themselves.  

After pizza we played a couple of games and then had cupcakes and ice cream.  I had the individual ice cream cups and let them add chocolate syrup sprinkles and a cherry. Then it was time for presents. 

I ran out of time at this point which was fine because the parents didn't seem in a hurry to leave so my girls had a chance to open all of their presents with the kids still there.  I did the party from 5:30-7:30 and I could have used an additional 30 minutes. 

I did have a hard time finding pizza party supplies.  I had seen some online that I didn't order because I thought I could find them around here and then it was too late to order.  So I ended up just using sort of an Italian theme with all of the red checked stuff like paper plates tablecloths napkins. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have.  I know this is probably too many details but I always find it helpful to hear other people’s ideas.  Hope this helps.  "

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