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Little Chefs - 6yr - Personalized Pizza & Cookies



August 2009


Sharlene in Oceanside, NY USA

Honorable Mention

Cooking Party

My daughter loves cooking, so we decided to do a pizza cooking party.

The invitations had designs of pizza on the background and all of my daughter's party information on it.

I hired a chef and her husband who did all the photography and teaching the children how to make their pizza dough from scratch. I used a personalized banner with pizzas in the background. I also got giant pizza balloons and matching balloon bouquets. I used checkerboard table cloths and used a chef pizza man plates, cups, napkins, and straws.

When the guests arrived, I had paper chef aprons and hats on the table with crayons for them to write their names and decorate as they wished. Then we went outside on the patio and took a picture of all our chefs. The picture was later made into thank you cards for the families to have as a souvenir of their child.

Then the children gathered around a large table in the kitchen with all assorting kitchen utensils. The table got the children motivated in the cooking activity. This activity is where children really had to learn to take turns and they were all part in creating the pizza. They learned how to make the pizza dough from scratch and then assemble their own personal pizzas.

Once the pizzas were in the oven, a large photograph was taken of my daughter prior the party and was made into a poster. The children played the game, pin the pizza on Ariana". This game is similar to pin the tail on the donkey.

Once they finished their game the children went outside to play bubbles and came in to eat their pizzas they created. We used tins with the children's names on the bottom. After pizza the children were going to make cookie pizzas for Ariana instead of the traditional birthday cake. They decorated pre-made cookie pizzas with melted chocolate from a double boiler and added chocolate chips marshmallows m&m's and some other yummy items.

Once the chocolate was melted the children spread it over the cookie pizzas and added all the yummy toppings. Then they placed it in the oven for about 7 minutes until everything just melted. I put in a thin candle with my daughter's name I bought from Party City (they were on toothpicks) and we sang Happy Birthday. All the kids loved this yummy treat and didn't even ask for cake. They didn't even miss it. They just loved eating it!

By this time all the kids were getting ready to leave. I bought colored paper bags from Michaels Craft Store and typed their names on each paper bag with a picture of balloons. In their bags I purchased healthy kids cookbooks from that my chef company recommended and the children had recipe cards with everything we made (the pizzas and the cookie pizza recipes) so that they could make these at home with their families and a certificate of accomplishment for each and every child with their names on it.

I also made homemade cookies from scratch and made 1 for each child. I used strawberry jam(sauce) shaved white chocolate(cheese) mini m&m's and raisins. Then I wrapped it with cellophane bags and curling ribbon and typed a little thank you message.

I kept on getting calls after the party from parents who said how much their child had fun and they wanted to use the cookbooks I gave as favors right away. I am so glad this party went beyond my daughter's expectations and it also gave my friend's son the idea of a cooking party when it was his birthday a month after hers!!! :)"

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