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Little Chefs Party - SWEET Bingo Game!



January 2010


Lexi in Freehold, NJ,USA

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Cooking Party

Little Chefs Party

If you love pastel colors and can't resist beautifully iced cupcakes, this may be the party them for you!

INVITATIONS~ You definitely need your invitations to express what the party will be like! One suggestion I have is to gather up lots of paste scrapbook paper, I recommend light blues, pinks, purples, and yellows. Make each color signify a different part of the cupcake. Have one sheet cut into the shape of the bottom wrapper of the cupcake, another in the shape of the top of the cake, the icing, and toppings like sprinkles or a cherry. On each cupcake, write who the party is for, when and where it is, RSVP number and deadline, and other things you'd like to add.

DECORATIONS~ Purchase plain plates, cups, napkins, a tablecloth, balloons and cutlery from the party store, each in different light colors. You can add cupcake stickers to the tableware as a decoration. If you're not fond of paper tableware, you can use pastel plates. Either one should work fine. As centerpieces, you can use a real cake that is already decorated or something like the adorable puffy cake and cupcakes from pottery barn kids. Adorning the centerpiece with confetti or ribbon will add extra flare. You can also make your own tablecloth. Gather up some pretty fabrics that go along with the color scheme your using. Layering them and adding a lace border works well!

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES~ The main activity can be cupcake decorating! Make plain cupcakes the day before and just add a basic icing, like white icing. Refrigerate them until it's time to decorate. Gather up different candies, sprinkles, and toppings and place them in separate small bowls. Have the guest wash their hands, and then get to work. Make sure no one is licking their fingers as they choose their toppings. These cupcakes can be taken home, or saved to eat later. I suggest giving everyone a pretty box to take the cupcakes home in, and still having a traditional birthday cake.

Another activity can be bingo, and you can just change the name to SWEET". Create the bingo cards by hand or on the computer by putting "SWEET" along the top and random numbers in each column under each letter. To make call out cards efficient you can make a card for each letter and a separate one for each number. For instance you'd pick a letter for the letter card pile and a number from the number card pile. After picking a number put it aside but keep all the letters together. If that seems too confusing you can do it the old fashioned way. Good game pieces can be stickers (with paper stuck to the adhesive side) or small candies such as Smarties.

Jewelry making is another good idea. Buy some assorted beads and charms. If you can find a set with both that's the best way to go. Also purchase white or black elastic or some kind of string to hold the jewelry together if it is not included in the kit. Have each guest determine if they want to make a necklace or bracelet and bead away! Other activities can just be talking no one has a problem with that!

SNACKS & FOOD~ For the meal I suggest serving common food like pizza hot dogs or burgers.

CAKE~ Buy or prepare a pastel colored cake. You could have one with tiers that have patterns such as stripes and polka dots or a sheet cake with a pattern and as always a birthday message. If you find cake toppers that work with them use them too!

FAVORS~ Send the girls home with their cupcakes the jewelry they made stickers pencils novelty erasers and maybe some candy.

This party can be adjusted to fit any age so have fun planning it!

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