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Little Chef's -13yr- Apple Dunking Game!



Sept 2002


Heidi in Sydney, Australia

Honorable Mention

Cooking Party

Food Party!!  I love food, so for my 13th birthday party I am going to have a FOOD party.

The invitations will be written on paper cut out in the shapes of different foods and I shall write them with pens that smell of food! On the invitations I will say that you should wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty and that you should bring a spare pair of fresh clothes to get changed into for dinner. 

When the guests arrive we shall play food-related games: 

1. Dunk the apple: you get a huge bucket and put 3 or 4 apples into it. The contestants have to get down on their knees next to the bucket, put their hands behind their back and try and grab and apple with their teeth (it can be REALLY funny to watch). 

2. The flour game: you put a pile of flour on all the contestants’ plates and put a lolly on top of the pile of flour. The contestants have to get the lolly without using their hands (therefore, putting their face in the pile of flour). 

3. Taste testing: all the guests get into pairs and one of the pairs gets blindfolded. The person who isn't blindfolded gets three cups and puts different liquids into each of the cups (for example, tomato ketchup, lemon juice, red cordial and 7-up) then the person who is blindfolded has to taste the different liquids and try to guess what they are. If they get all of them right, they get a prize. 

4. Donuts on a clothesline: You tie donuts onto a clothesline with string and make sure they are about level with your head. Each of the contestant’s stands in front of a donut and when you say go they try to eat the donuts as fast as they can. The one who eats the donut the fastest gets a prize. 

5. Pass the Parcel (a new version): All the guests form a circle and in the centre of the circle there will be a huge tub of lollies. The music will start and the contestants will start passing the parcel around the circle. When the music stops, the person who opens the parcel, instead of finding a small lolly in the parcel, will find a piece of paper in the parcel with a number on it (for example, 5) that means that the person has to stuff 5 lollies in their mouth. The smaller the parcel gets the larger number of lollies people have to stuff in. 

6: Facemasks: everyone gets a mixing bowl and spoon and they all have to make a flavoured facemask. You use cheap face moisturizer, flavourings, colourings and chopped up fruit. Then everyone puts on their face cream with some chopped up fruit stuck on their face and has a photo. 

7. Tie a snake in your mouth: everyone gets a lolly snake and when you say go, everyone has to try and tie their snake in a knot inside their mouth (keep the camera handy, some of the expressions on people’s faces can be SOOOOO comical!).  

After the games everyone will get cleaned up and put on some fresh clothes and we will come into the dining room that will be decorated with brightly coloured balloons and streamers. The table will have a brightly coloured cloth on it with glitter stars everywhere.

The theme for the dinner is 'around the world' so I am going to have different dishes from around the world, for example, Burritos from Mexico.  

Dessert will be 'make your own sundaes' so I will have different flavoured ice-cream, chocolate bits, honeycomb bits, wafers, M&M's, chopped-up fruit, toppings and heaps more!  

The cake will be decorated as a pizza (but I don't think anyone will feel like eating it by this time). 

I will give out the Bags that will be filled with food flavored things, such as lip glosses, pens, nail varnishes, soaps and groovy stuff like that! Then everyone will go home COMPLETELY STUFFED!! 

I hope my party helps anyone who can't think of an idea!

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