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Chef's Party -6yr- Recipe Invitation



July 2003


Lynn in Glendale, Arizona   USA

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Cooking Party

Little Chef’s Party

For my daughter's 6th birthday we had a cooking party. 

For the invitations, I made my own on the computer.  They looked like big recipe cards and had all the following information on them.  Recipe for: Cooking Party From the Kitchen of: Chef Bailee   Ingredients:  1 cup friendship, 2 cups happiness, 3 cups fun, a pinch of laughter and 6 birthday candles.  Directions:  Mix ingredients together and bring to Bailee's house (address) on (date).  Put in oven at 12:00.  Should be cooked by 3:00.  Serves approximately 12 friends.  Call for reservations (phone number).  I addressed them to each child as Chef (name). 

On the front door of the house we made a sign out of poster board that said "Bailee's Bistro."  Then, next to it we posted the "Birthday Menu."  Appetizers:  Hot Potato, Blindfold the Cook, Put the Chef's Hat on Bailee,   Salad:  Fruit on a stick,  Main Course:  Funny Face Pizza,   Dessert:  Build Your Own Banana Split. 

When the girls arrived, they were each given an apron and a chef's hat.  I made the chef's hats myself out of tissue paper and poster board. 

First, we painted our aprons.  I bought fabric markers instead of paint.  They dry instantly so they were able to wear them after they decorated them. 

Then, we made our placemats.  I got small sheets of poster board for the placemat.  I cut out a big circle out of red & white gingham checked paper and a smaller circle out of white cardstock.  I glued the smaller circle of white paper onto the middle of the checked paper to make a "plate."  Then, using the same checked paper, I cut out squares and folded them into triangles to make a "napkin."  I bought utensil die cuts from a scrapbook store.  Each girl glued their own paper place setting on their placemat.  I also bought food stickers and set out markers to decorate the placemats with. When the girls were all done decorating, I covered the placemats in clear contact paper.  They set them out on the table where they would be eating. 

Then, we painted our potholders to take home to mom.  Each girl painted their hand and then made a handprint on the potholder.  I provided puffy paint for them to paint their names with. 

We set them aside to dry while we began cooking!  I precut an assortment of fruit.  Each girl got their own kabob stick and made their own fruit salad on a stick.  Next, we prepared our funny face pizzas.  I precut toppings such as mushrooms, sausage, pepperoni, red peppers cut into rings, and olives.  They really got a kick out of who could make the funniest face.  I placed their pizzas on a cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil and wrote their name next to their pizza. 

While our pizzas were cooking, we played games.  We first played hot potato passing a real potato to the "Wiggles" song "Hot Potato."  Then, we played Blindfold the Cook.  Each girl was blindfolded and had to spoon marshmallows from one bowl to another without spilling.  Last, we played Put the Chef's Hat on Bailee.  I took a picture of Bailee playing in her pretend kitchen with her apron on and flour on her face then blew it up to a poster size.  I cut out a big chef's hat out of poster board and each girl was blindfolded and tried to put the hat on the chef! 

The prize for each game was a plastic measuring cup filled with after dinner mints.  When our pizzas were cooked, we sat down to eat.  I decorated 4 kid's tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, bud vases with silk roses and red and white balloons tied to the vases. 

For dessert, the girls made their own banana split.  I also provided a cake with Bailee's picture as a chef put on it. 

As the girls left the party, they were each given a "Doggie Bag" to take home.  In it was their aprons, potholders, placemats, chef's hats, a canning jar filled with the recipe for Rice Krispy treats, a cooking coloring book (found cooking coloring pages on the internet and made copies), their very own kid's cookbook (made myself from kid recipes I found on the internet), a book of guest checks to play restaurant with and a pack of recipe cards to play at home with. 

The party was a hit!  Can't wait to plan next year's!

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