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Little Chef's Party -4yr- Create Your Own Pizza!



Jan. 2004


Maria in chicago, illinois, usa

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Cooking Party

Little Chef's (Cooking) Party - 4 years 

For my daughter's 4th birthday party we had a Cooking Party.  The invitations said that we were "cooking up some fun for robin's 4th birthday, so join all the other little chefs on (details here).

We live in a high-rise so we rented the party room in our building which was perfect for this party as we had lots of room and several long tables and chairs for the children to use for the various activities.  Sixteen children attended (a mix of girls and boys). 

When the children arrived they each were given a child’s canvas craft apron (Wal-Mart) and fabric markers to decorate their apron while they waited for everyone to arrive.  Once the majority of children arrived we began to cook.   Each child was given a child sized paper chef's hat and a wooden rolling pin.  

Long tables were set out with bowls of pizza toppings (plastic squeeze bottles of pizza sauce, bowls of pepperoni, mushrooms, shredded cheese) and each child was given one biscuit from a grand sized refrigerated biscuit dough can for the crust.   They were easy to roll out and the kid's all enjoyed putting the sauce, toppings and cheese on their pizzas.  Once they were done the birthday girl's uncle placed the pizzas on cookie sheets and baked them, it only took two trays to cook 16 little pizzas.  

While the pizzas cooked, we took pictures of all of the kid's in their chef's hats and aprons, and then seated them to await their food.  The pizzas cooked quickly and the children really enjoyed eating their handiwork (we ordered in pizzas for the grownups). 

While the children ate, we cleaned off the tables from the pizza activity and prepared for their second activity, decorating cakes.  I baked 16 small round cakes (Wilton 6 inch round pans, 3 cakes from each box of cake mix) the day before the party and placed them on cardboard cake bases (party store). 

The tables now had tubs of ready to spread whipped frosting and each child was given an individual mini spatula for frosting the cakes.  There were plenty of sprinkles, glitter, and tubes of decorator frosting with various tips for the children to use to decorate their cakes.  The children had a great time with this, and we took a photo of each child holding their cake, chef hat and apron on. 

When they were done decorating their cakes it was time to sing  happy birthday to the birthday girl and cut her birthday cake (she had a princess cake because she loved princesses then). 

While the children had cake and ice cream we placed each child's cake in a bakery cake box (purchased for 25cents a piece from our local bakery), taped them and tied them with ribbon.  Each box had already had a sticker placed on it that said "A delicious creation by (each child's name filled in here) which I had printed on the computer on precut label sheets. 

As each child left they had a paper bag with handles that we placed the following in: their cake box, apron, chef’s hat, spatula, wooden rolling pin, a mini whisk, a 3pc mini baking pan set from IKEA and some assorted candy.  Photos of the children with their cakes were enclosed in the thank you cards. 

I know this may sound like a lot of work, but it was really great fun, 2 years later I still get compliments on it from other parents, it was really a great party.

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