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Cowgirl Sing Sophie -5yr- Hat & Vest Craft



February 2001


Elizabeth in Chicago, Il


Cowgirl Party

Cowgirl Party  Oct. 2000  Our daughter loves horses so for her fifth birthday we had a Cowgirl party. 

One of her favorite books is "Sing Sophie Sing". Sophie is a little cowgirl who loves to sing. 

We photocopied a picture of Sophie and made it into a postcard invitation. 

When our guests arrived they were given a cowgirl hat, bandana and vest (made out of a brown grocery bags).  The kids sat outside on bales of hay around a big table and decorated their items with glitter, jewels, badges, markers, etc. In the mean time we had 2 ponies for the kids to ride. 

The kids were really caught up in the horses and barely had time to finish their art project. 

After an hour of riding we had a horse cake and ice cream.  I had found pink and purple western motif plates, napkins and a tablecloth. 

At each place was a cowgirl cut out cookie with the child's name on it. 

After cake we gave out the goody bags for we wanted the children to use them to collect all the "goodies" from the horse piƱata.  The bags were purple with a big glitter boot on both sides and lots of ribbon. 

Everyone had a great time and it was an easy party to prepare for!

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