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Cowgirl Pony Party -3yr- Felt Fringed Vests



April 2002


Kym in Plantation, Fl USA

Honorable Mention

Cowgirl Party

Cowgirl/Pony Party  For my daughters 3 birthday we decided to do a cowgirl/pony themed party, since she was really into horses and ponies.   

First I made all the kids a western vest: I bought camel colored felt at the local fabric store and cut a very simple sleeveless vest pattern (Small, medium and large because there were children of all ages there).  I sewed them together at the shoulders and down the sides, cut the front down the middle, fringed the bottom, and stamped with different colored fabric paints a sheriff's badge, cowboy hat, and cowboy boot on the front and a larger horse stamp on the back (when stamping, be sure to place something under the section of fabric that's being stamped with the fabric paint, otherwise it will bleed through, I found out the hard way). 

The local party supply store has different colored cowboy hat party hats that each child got with his/her vest, color coordinated with the same colored cowboy hats that were stamped on their vest.  Each child also received a red bandana with their vest and hat. Wal-Mart had the bandanas the cheapest (a 2 pack for 2.39). 

I used red gingham tablecloths (found at local party supply store) and plain red and white plates, napkins, cups, and utensils,  I also just used red and white crepe paper as my decorations.  My daughter had some small toy horses that I used as table centerpieces.  We purchased a pony piƱata from (no one else had a plain pony).   

We played pin the cowboy hat on the cowgirl:  I took a photo of my daughter on her stationary riding horse in her western attire, but without her cowboy hat on, and had it blown up to a poster size.  Then I used brown construction paper and made small cowboy hats, laminated them (for suture use, but not necessary)and as the game was being played I put a piece of double sided tape on the back.  The game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey, except they try to pin the hat on the cowgirl. 

We also had a local company come out for pony rides.  They brought a small pony for the smaller kids and for the bigger kids (& some adults) they brought a large horse. 

For her cake I found at a local arts & crafts store a rocking horse cake pan and made her a pony cake.  I had to modify it a little bit so it looked like a pony in the grass and not a rocking horse, but it was not hard at all. There were pictures on the back of the directions that showed you variations of horses. 

Everyone had a great time and really appreciated all the little personal touches.  I never would of believed I could put together a party like this but with a little planning and willingness it wasn't hard.

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