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Cowgirl Party -6yr- Brown Paper Vests



May 2009


Emily in Allentown, PA, USA


Cowgirl Party

INVITATIONS - I made wanted posters using MS Publisher that read Wanted For fun and frivolity Guests to come to Grace's 6th birthday party!   It is going to be Yee-Haw fantastic!  Claim your REWARD" followed by information about date time etc. We taped them to the front doors of our guests houses so make them look like a posse was after them. Since I was using the computer I could have put each kid's name on the wanted poster but I thought of that too late.  Also I had downloaded cowboy looking fonts from the internet. 

COSTUMES - I made vests out of brown butchers paper.  Each had a sheriff star that I got from the dollar store.  The kids each decorated them with foam western stickers also gotten at the dollar store.   

ACTIVITIES - After the kids decorated their vests they then panned for gold in a large tub of sand using sand sieves.  The "gold" was stones bought from Home Depot spray painted gold. Once they had a small bag of gold they then went to the General Store and bought a cowboy hat and bandanna.

They then got to try to knock over empty Go-Gurt bottles with water guns. The kids did this individually as they trickled into the party.  All of these items were purchased from Oriental Trading Co. 

Once everyone had a vest hat and bandanna we roped a horse.  I made a lasso out of thick white nylon rope and we roped a ride-on horse that we have.  Each kid got 3 chances. 

After that we did a pinata.  It was a very cute horse pinata.  I would not recommend getting one because while it was a lovely pinata A) I felt really bad about beating up a horse and B) it was near impossible to destroy.  It was made with packing tape and corrugated cardboard. Even my teenage nephew could not break it open.  I had to rip it open.  

FAVORS - I made goody bags out of brown paper lunch bags. Once again using MS Publisher I made signs that I pasted on each bag that said "Keep your sneaky varmint hands off of my loot!" and then put each child's name on the bag. Each kid went home with a vest hat bandanna bag of pinata loot "gold" a hobby horse (purchased from the dollar store)and a water gun.  

DECORATIONS - The General Store was a table covered with a red checkered tablecloth and a sign stating it was the General Store.  Everything was covered in red checkered tablecloths or bandannas. I bought horse themed paper plates and napkins from an online party store.  We played our favorite cowboy music - The Flying W Wranglers.  

CAKE - I made our own cake.  To decorate it we crushed up graham crackers to look like sand.  We covered the cake in the "sand" and then put western figurines on top.   

PARTY SNACKS - I served chili and cornbread for the family members that came great distances.  The rest of the snacks were Tex-Mex themed - tortilla chips salsa guacamole etc.       "

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