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Cowgirl Party -6yr- Hay Bales Décor



August 2012


Jessica in Hazard, Ky US


Cowgirl Party

My little girl is horse/cowgirl crazy so it was a great idea for the theme for her! 

Invitations: I kept it pretty simple here, I ordered from oriental trade the cowgirl invites on there, I needed to focus nore in hosting the party and less on the simple invitations. However on the blank left hand side of the i9nvite I had what was on the menu! (A few people showed up very excited about that) 

Decorations: I bought about 5 bales of hay, borrowed saddle pads/blankets used for riding horses from my brother inlaw, I placed two bales with these blankets in the center in front of my porch for her to open gifts on, above her head I hung her Giddyup Cowgirl banner, on each side I stretched twine and hung cowgirl/boy hats(dollar tree $1 each) with clothespins, and on each side of the hay was a 5ft cowgirl decoration oriental trade, and a horse (oriental trade), both about $6. So this along with a hanging horse balloon, completed a scene for her and friends to take pics, and her to open presents! I used another hay bale to greet guests that had a sign that said Welcome Cowpokes" this bale would later be used for a game!

We used the remaining two bales to sit a saddle on top of for "riding" and photo opportunities even some of the adults joined in! I took a .35 cent white poster board and cut into pieces one labeled OUTHOUSE I stuck that on our bathroom door and the Welcome Cowpokes sign on the hay when you entered the driveway watering hole for the drinks..I used the rest to make small signs to label the food. BBQ pork sandwiches, Cowgirl corn on the cob, Buckin Broncos Baked Beans, Wild West Mac and Cheese after each sign was cut and written on I took a cigarette lighter and carefully burned around the edges for that western appeal (very easy just make sure to do it outside).

Games/Crafts: While she opened the presents and all kids were vey occupies my husband took all the treats/toys and hid them in a big pile of hay after presents each child received a brown paper bag and were turned loose to go get prizes( I released 4 and under first and then the rest) this was a huge hit! I also purchased from oriental trade necklaces for cowboys and cowgirls each with a horse horseshoe a star and beads on them. If you have a trampoline/play area you could also label it Kids Corral. 

Food: I have a lot of help (thanks Mom) with the food! We wanted the western theme so we made BBQ pork sandwiches each were already wrapped in aluminum foil corn on the cob baked beans mac and cheese chip and dip and a veggie tray of course wash it down with pink lemonade I purchased a 3 gallon pitcher form walmart ($20). 

Costumes: We asked the girls to wear cowgirl (or any other) boots they had a tutu and the look was completed when they arrived and received a cowgirl hat. I had boy colors on hand as well so they wouldn’t be left out. 

Cake: Her cake was made by a local cake maker 2tier bandana theme and bottom cow theme and top sitting on top of the cake was a hat with her age on it! 

Overall this was her best party by far! Good luck with your for you little cowpoke! "

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