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Cowgirls -5yr- Favor Bags with a Badge



July 2002


Nicole in Shady Point, Oklahoma  USA


Cowgirl Party

Cowgirl Party 5yr. 

We started with invitations made on the computer- with her picture on a wanted poster, saying we needed help finding her and what all she was wanted for.(thumbsucking in her case!) They were to meet at 'lastname' ranch in DogCreek.(our community) We received many calls commenting on the invites! 

We had a jail with door that is used to haul cattle, a barrel hung from a tree with a cowbell to try and ride while the rope is pulled, scavenger hunt for things such as pinecones,3 different leaves, acorns, etc. 

Gift bags were brown sacks with a jean pocket hot glued on front with a sheriff badge and sticker and candy sticking out of pocket. The bags were sitting in a straw cowboy hat for each kid.

Had picnic tables with gingham tablecloths. Hay bales and tree stumps around a campfire. Since we live in the country we had a friend bring his horse-drawn covered wagon to take the kids for a ride. A deer even ran across the road in front of them! Now that took planning-ha 

While they rode, the grown-ups ate ribs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and got stuff ready for s'mores. The kids were ready to eat after their ride.

There were wanted posters on the trees, about everyone wore jeans and bandanas and had a really good time.

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