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Rodeo Queen Party -8yr- Lasso a Stick Horse



Sept. 2003


Teresa in Butler, PA   USA


Cowgirl Party

My daughter turning 8 wanted a cowgirl party but we wanted it to be more girlish, so we turned it into a rodeo queen party. 

As each guest arrived they recieved a cowgirl hat with a crown attached (I got the crowns at the dollar store and hats from OT) I also made each girl a rodeo queen sash buy just buying 2" wide white ribbon and sewing the bottom together to make a sash.  Then on the computer I typed in rodeo queen in a vertical position and printed it on iron on paper.  THen you just iron it on the sash you made. Very easy and inexpensive.  If you don't sew you can just safety pin the sashes together at the bottom.  The girls also got a bandana when they arrived. 

For the games we sat up barrels or buckets and we had the girls run the barrel racing on stick horses. 

I also had a whole bunch on balloons blow up in two different colors (for  two teams)  and they had to round up there color of balloon in the corral before the other team did. 

The corral was just hay bail put into a u shape. We had sack races and a pinata.

The last game we played was to lasso the stick horse which were stuck down into a bail of hay and the had to throw a hula hoop to try lasso the horse.

We then gave each girl pony ride and got there picture taken (polaird) on the pony for the Thank You cards. The Thank You cards read that your daughter has been crowned Rodeo Queen for a day.

Tip:  I already had the Thank You card made up and as I took the picture I taped it in right then and when my daughter open her gifts we filled them out. ( she had already signed them all before the party) So each girl already had a picture of there fun filled day to take home with them. The cake was an ice cream cake with a horse on it.

Decoration were just hay bail around the yard for group photos, and a pinata hanging from the swing set. We already have a horse fence that was good as our backdrop for the pictures. I did also have western sign hung up.  She still claims this was her favorite party yet..

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