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Cowgirl Party -3yr- Rental Ponies in the Park



January 2005


Michelle in Pensacola, Florida USA


Cowgirl Party

Cowgirl Party  For my daughter's 3rd birthday, we decided to have a Cowgirl Party -she was in love with horses at the time. 

We held the party at the local city park, which is very large and has a lot of trees in the back of the park with a wooden gazebo. 

I made the invitations on the computer.  I found a cute cowgirl clip art and printed the invitation in the lasso.  We asked everyone to come in the "cowboy/girl duds." 

All of the children (and parents) came in their blue jeans, hats and boots. (How cute!) 

We rented ponies and a petting zoo from a local company to come and give the kids rides.  They had 2 ponies and a pony with a cart.  The kids rode all over the park.  They loved playing with the baby animals too. 

We decorated the gazebo with green checked table clothes and tied sunflowers and raffia everywhere. 

We served hot dogs and chips. (Being in the park, we filled a large drink cooler with very hot water and placed the cooked hot dogs in it to keep them warm -it works perfect!)

I had the local bakery bake a sheet cake and simply decorate it with chocolate and fudge accents and I purchased small horses and sunflowers from the dollar store and decorated the cake myself. 

We gave each child a bandana as they got to the pary and we gave away brown paper treat bags filled with toy horses, horse stickers, candy and "horse feed" (mini chex cereal mixed with peanut butter, melted chocolate and powdered sugar)all tied off with raffia. 

Eveyone enjoyed themselves and the parents still talk about it (it has been 5 years)!

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