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Pinkaliscious Cupcake Party - 6yr - Baking Wands



February 2009


Colleen in St Louis MO USA


Cupcake Party

For my daughter's 6th bday we had an entire party around the popular story book, Pinkaliscious.

Invitations: We had a big pink cupcake and asked the girls to wear pink.

Upon arrival each girl received a pink apron with her name on it. We also gave them pink and sparkly cheeks.

Decorations were lots and lots of pink. We turned our kitchen into a pink bakery and had tons of iced pink cupcakes and also tons of un-iced cupcakes those were for the girls to ice and decorate. We had light pink and hot pink tulle around the bannisters, chandeliers and the tables were all decked out in pink. 

Crafts: Of course the girls decorated cupcakes with pink icing. Each girl had their own cake decorating bag full of pink icing and could ice their cupcakes however they wanted. Then they could choose from lots of different toppings such as pink marshmellows, pink m and m's etc to add to their cupcake.

Also for a craft the girls beaded magic baking wands" which were really wire wisks with pink ribbon and they could add pink beads.

Games: we played baker bingo with green m and m's (the book has the girl eat green good to feel better) We also played a relay race of putting sprinkles on the cupcake. We read the story of Pinkaliscious and we watched a home-made video of my daughter's "cooking show" on how to make cupcakes.

Food: pink lemonade in a punchbowl with pink ice cubes. A large cake shaped like a pink cupcake. Green food was also on the table to follow the story.

The girls then played doctor to diagnose why they had turned pink. We never got to play "cupcake walk" or name that baking gadget.

Favors: Each girl kept their personalized apron their beaded pink whisk pink spatulas and also took home their decorated cupcakes in little pink bakery boxes.

It was a fun party easy to find pink stuff and perfect for their age! "

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