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Cake Decorating - 6yr - Dress-up Boas & Leis



February 2008


C. in Atlanta, GA USA

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Cupcake Party

For my daughter's 6th birthday party, we decided on a pink and purple theme with cake decorating as the activity. 

I printed the invitations on pink 8.5x11 paper which my daughter decorated with stickers that represented what we would be doing.  She used pizza stickers, cake stickers, and pink and purple hearts.  On the invitation we said, We will dress up eat pizza and decorate cakes!  Please wear pink and purple!"

I bought pink and purple feather boas pink and purple flower leis and pink and purple sunglasses from the party store. I also brought down all of my daughter's dress up clothes.  I ordered online 10 disposable camera's in pink with "_____'s 6th b'day!" printed on the front. 

At the grocery bakery department I ordered 10 8-inch round yellow cakes with no icing.  They charged me by the pound for this.  I then bought 10 small spatulas at a kitchen store.  At the party store I was able to find round cardboard to put the cakes on and small boxes that would hold the decorated cakes and cardboard.  We bought 8 cans of white icing and colored all of them with different food coloring.  We bought sprinkles m&m's chocolate morsels and gumdrops for the cakes. 

The table was covered with a purple tablecloth and the chandelier above the table had pink and purple paper flowers dangling from the rods. I hung pink and purple streamers all over the kitchen.  We bought pink and purple balloons and napkins/plates.  When each girl arrived we gave them a boa sunglasses and lei and handed them their camera (had their name on the back). 

They dressed up ran around and took pictures for about 30 minutes before the pizza came.  They ate pizza then ran around some more dancing and taking pictures (the cameras were a HUGE hit). 

We cleaned up the table then put out the cakes spatulas (each girl's had their name on it) colored icing sprinkles etc. and lots of baby wipes.  The girls decorated their cakes for about 45 minutes completely engrossed and focused on the work.  They were BEAUTIFUL!  When the cakes were done I put each one in a box with the girls name on it washed the spatula and placed it in their goodie bag. 

After cake decorating they played some more and then we brought out the pink and purple ice cream cake for the final act.  In the goodie bag I put a few typical items and a boa lei and the spatula with their name on it.  They also took home their cake creations. 

I am developing the pictures they took myself and will send a few to each girl with the thank you notes.  The girls were SO HAPPY with their cakes and excited about the pictures.  I won't say this was cheap -- I kind of got carried away with some of it but it could be done much cheaper than I did it!  The moms loved it (they got some champagne with cranberry juice - a pink cocktail so they were all pretty happy anyway) and I even had a few taking notes. 

All in all -- our favorite so far!"

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