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Cupcake 1yr - Pin the Candle on Cupcake



August 2008


Nicky in Germantown, WI, USA

Honorable Mention

Cupcake Party

Invitations:  I purchased cupcake shaped invitations in which the cupcake slides out of the cupcake paper to display all the details of the party.  The invitations were large and decorated with glitter and jewels.  On the for" line I wrote..for our little cupcake Kendall.  On one of the blank lines I wrote bring your sweet tooth not gifts because we chose not to have our guests bring presents. 

Decorations:  I purchased a yard of cupcake themed fabric to use as the table runner and theme for the decorations.  I played off the colors in the fabric to find coordinating plastic table cloth for underneath the table runner and paper products at the dollar store.  I used streamers hanging down with cupcakes stapeled to the ends that I had made using coordinating scrapbook paper and red bows for the cherries on top. 

We also had color coordinating balloon bouqets placed around the house.  I placed Kendall's scrapbook out for all to look at how she's grown.  The centerpiece for the table was a cupcake tree with cream filled cupcakes and fluffy pink frosting.  I made cupcake picks in the shape of cupcakes from scrapbook paper and I used my computer to add Kendall's picture on them and the saying "our little cupcake is turning one." 

Activities and games: The children were given a chance to decorate their own cupcake to eat using different flavored icing sprinkles M&M's gummy bears chocolate chips and whipped topping. 

We played pin the candle on the cupcake ice cream scoop relay (scoop cotton balls from one ice cream dish and carry them to the other) cupcake balance relay (balance a toy or crocheted cupcake on a wooden spoon) musical gift unwrap (pass around a wrapped box of candy- when the music stops the child unwraps one layer- this continues until the gift is exposed) chronological order (I printed off pictures of Kendall taken on the same day each month for her first year and the guests have to put them chronological order) cupcake-cupcake-cherry (a version of duck duck goose) cupcake hunt (hide paper cupcakes around the house and see how many they can find) decorate a paper cupcake using glitter glue tissue paper sequins markers and pom poms and lastly the cupcake shaped pinata. 

Cake:  The cupcakes from the centerpiece and the cupcakes that the children decorated served as the cake.  We also had ice cream in waffle bowls and the children could choose toppings for their sundaes. 

Favors:  I made cupcake shaped chocolate lollipops and displayed them in a pot with a foam core on the bottom and raffia covering the foam core so it looked like a flower arrangement.  I also made cupcake bites by making cake balls into the shape of cupcakes and dipping them into chocolate.  I also make cupcakes by partially filling a ziplock sandwich bag with jelly beans and inverting it into a paper cup that had been cut in half.  A red pom pom was glued on top.  I also printed cupcakes onto inkjet tattoo paper and each child could have a temporary tattoo to remember the party. 

Details:  Kendall wore a birthday girl cupcake shirt with matching cupcake leggings and coordinating cupcake robeez. I also purchased a bib with short sleeves that has a cupcake on it to absorb the mess from her eating her cupcake. For thank you notes I made paper cupcakes and glued them onto note cards.  A ribbon was wrapped around the cupcake with a tag hanging down that read "how sweet of you". 

Some guests brought gifts and family members from out of town sent gifts.  I took pictures of Kendall opening the gift and put it in the thank you note.  If the gift was from a party guest then I had the guest sit next to her and help her open it and took their picture together.  Ac"

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