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Cupcake Party 1yr - Cupcake Carnival



July 2008


karen in moosic PA USA

Honorable Mention

Cupcake Party

My daughter is turning 1, ad I found a cupcake pinata (celebration express) that I loved so I decided to go with that theme. 

For the INVITATIONS: I used die cut cupcakes that I had printed from a stationary website.  It read….She is cuter than a cupcake, Sweeter than sugar, and her Smiles are better than a SUNDAE at the bottom it said pretty please with a cherry on top.     

DECORATIONS: Now for the fun stuff, I used string lights (Christmas tree shop) with dark pink scrolls for around the sliding doors.  I used a combination of pink purple and white ballons in 4 to 5 groups around the party area  I painted my own sign that read HAPPY !ST BIRTHDAY KIARA (blank banners from oriental trading co.)  with purple ink ank white paint that I hung in the entry way.  I also purchased (michael's) cupcake tin candles on sale that I placed everywhere throughout the party area. 

To keep summer bugs under control, I found purple and pink citronella tourches at the Christmas tree shop (CTS) that I placed around the porch and play area.  I also used pink and purple crepe paper  I decorated with photos everywhere. I made a collage on shutterfly 1 of her 1st year and 1 of her getting her 1st bday picture (16X20).  I also found cupcake, ice cream serving dishes that I served snacks and food in.  I put the cupcake blow up outside witch matched perfctly.  I placed plastic cupcake liners on tables with tea lights in them.

We also got many summer pink purple and white flowers.  For the tables I rented round ones that I made into cupcake by using long platic skirting.  For the table top I sprinked big sprinkles over the top,, I painted a long white photo tube and filled it with rocks and placed a candle on top to loo like a candle on the cupcake.  Everything was pink and purple and sweet.            

ACTIVITIES:  I turned a carnival into a cupcake theme carnival.  Pin the candle on the cupcake, knock the cherry (red ping pog ball) off the cupcake with a watergun, duck pond with cupcake ducks, face painting, cupcake in the face, cupcake sack races (pop up hampers with sweet treats all over them CTS) Guess how many gumballs, water baloon toss into pop up ice cream hamper, and pinata filled witwater balloons. 

For the adults I got cupcake scratch offs from ebay so they can win a prize too.  All games the kids were awarded tickets that they could later use to get their prizes (water guns, bubbles, hand clappers, whistles etc - all pink and purple of course).  Favors for the adults were frames with Kiara's 1st bday picture in it.     I also had a wish bucket for Kiara it said A WISH FOR KIARA" on a 4x 6 card .so the guests could write future wishes to her        

SNACKS FOOD:  BBQ like food (hotdogs potatoe salad etc.) fruit skewers (red and purple fruit) pink lemonade cotton candy machine popcorn.  Served on pink and purple trays.         

CAKE:  Because there were a lot of guests we had a 3 cupcake cakes (all same colors but different) and for the kids we had matching cupake .  They were displayed on cake plates and a cupcake tier with Kiara's special cupcake at the top.  All matching the pinata.             

FAVORS:  Were ice cream cupcake pink paper bags filled with a cooking set (spatula measuring spoons cups etc.) iced pink animal crackers cupcake crayons ice cream dishes (CTCS)  ****for the gifts I had a display gift table where we tagged the gifts and displayed them so everyone had a chance to see what beautiful gifts she had gotton.  It was much easier and enjoyable for all to see the gifts.


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