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Cupcake Party - 3yr - With Hot Chocolate



January 2009


Stacey in Jonesville, South Carolina  United States


Cupcake Party

For my daughter's third birthday,she asked for a cupcake party!

I printed my own invitations that said:  As Sweet As Can Be.. Our Little CUPCAKE is Turning 3! I began looking on ebay for anything cupcake I could find. I ordered two yards of a pink cupcake fabric and used it as a runner on top of sold pink tablecloths for the kids table.  This created a focal point for the room. 

I decorated the surrounding tableswith pink and white tablecloths from the dollar tree. I also found some mylar cupcake balloons on ebay that were pink and brown, so the colors scheme became pink and brown. 

I found hostess cupcake holders on ebay that I used for decorations and they also served as candy filled party favors. I put them in clear treat bags tied with pink ribbon with white polka dots and attached gift tags that read thank you cupcake!"

On the kids table I had a cupcake on each end that were christmas ornaments that I found on sale after christmas. I attached the cupcake balloons to them as well as pink and pearly white latex balloons.  I used plain pink plates and napkins. 

Since the party was in January and it was very cold I made several types of soup for the adults. The kids table was full of chicken nuggets chips juice boxes and finger foods.

I also had a hot chocolate bar that was a big hit: I had the hot chocolate in a large coffee server and had several little plates around it that held tiny marshmallows and pepperment sticks. I also put out canned cool whip and chocolate syrup so they could make it there own.   

For the cake table I made a stand up cupcake cake for the middle out of two pyrex mixing bowls. I decorated the cupcake brown with white icing and pink polka dots and topped it with the number 3 candle. I served this cake to the adults with ice cream. On each side I had a cupcake tree filled with pink and brown cupcakes. 

The kids got to choose a color and put the finishing decorations on themselves. I bought disposable icing bags and used store bought frosting and just cut the tips off of the bags for easy cleanup.  I also had several types of sprinkles and pink m & m's for decorations.  I love the pictures of the kids decorating and the faces covered in icing. 

They had a lot of fun and so did the adults.

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