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Cupcake Party - 1yr - Cupcake Shaped Invites



March 2009


Lisa in Brooklyn, NY, USA


Cupcake Party

For my daughters 1st B-day party the theme was cupcakes.

I purchased white cardstock and cut it into the shape of a cupcake (big enough to fit in an envelope) I put all the party info on the front top part and decorated it with glitter and used a whole puncher to make sprinkles,for the bottom I glued streamer strips the color of my party. Which was hot pink,white,light pink and purple.

I dressed her in a pink tutu with a white dressy onesie I purchased and used gem glue to glue pink rhinestones in the shape of a number one to it. She had pink legwarmers on with cute ballet shoes. I found a cute pink party hat that said birthday girl" so I glued pink rhinestones on it to match the shirt.

For decorations I made a backdrop for the cake table using two table covers and the streamers.I stapled(tape works aswell) the tablecovers lengthwise to the wall(large enough to cover a 6'x6' space)then stapled the streamers vertically ontop of the tablecovers spaced about a foot apart in a pattern.I let 100 light and dark pink helium filled balloons tied with holographic curling ribbon hang loose allover.

I used the same colored balloons plus mylar number one balloons and cupcake mylars to make balloon bouquets for the corners and the front door. I also made an arch over the cake table.I bought a cupcake pinata and hung it as decoration since my daughter and other guest were too young to break it. I found a pin the candle on the cupcake game online which was a hit.

I had forty guest so for the cake I used a sheet cake that served 40 and purchased the wilton 3d cupcake pan and placed it on top.It was decorated like the pinata. I made treat bags for the kids full of candy and bubbles.

Two weeks prior, I took her to get portraits done in her birthday outfit so for the adults I put a wallet sized picture frame wrapped in cellophane and backed in tissue paper in a little cupcake basket my sister-in-law made out of cardstock the same pattern I used for the invites.

This time though she decorated it with glitter up top and glued pink beads as sprinkles then used decorated pattern paper to cover the bottom and glued a cut out 1 on the base.  She folded cardstock to make a basket and glued cupcakes to both sides. She attached satin ribbon to each size as a handle but this isn't necessary. We put the white shiny easter grass inside with little pastel colored hershey kisses.

My biggest tip for a first birthday would be to start practice singing happy b-day to your child in advance maybe even lighting a candle they can blow out(becareful they don’t grab itI would hold her/his hands down or put the candle far enough that they cant reach.) meaning when their 9 months sing happy bday while clapping and smileing and make it fun for them that way when it comes time for the big day they wont be overwhelmed or crying and will probably clap along like my daughter did.

Around 9 months we also started doing a hip hip hooray gesture(at hooray through your arms in the air). At her party once everyone finished singing I kind of whispered hip hip hooray to her and she threw her arms in the air (the timing was perfect) everyone was not expecting it so they started clapping and screaming hooray and so she started clapping with them.

We got awesome pictures because of it and she was definetly the life of the party.

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